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A Message From Crystal

This site is a labor of love, and I’m building it because I feel driven to share the best information that I can.  I became an avid reader at the tender age of 7, and have been reading and researching ever since.  It feels like I have been a seeker and teacher for lifetimes.  This site will eventually present the finest fruits of my entire lifetime of reading and research.

As you can see from the wide range of topics in the page titles, my interests are all-encompassing.  I appreciate both the big picture and the details, the forest and the trees, science and intuition/gnosis, thinking and feeling, the macro and the micro, the above and the below.  It is actually challenging for me to separate things out into pages because I feel and know that everything is interconnected.

That sense of oneness and connection is what drives me to continue this work, and no-one is paying me to do this.  I am offering my time and energy as a gift to the people and the planet, for the benefit of all of us.  This is part of my BEing and DOing.

If you feel appreciation or gratitude for anything you have found here, please donate any amount, large or small, as an expression of your support for my work.  The web hosting expenses are just a few dollars per month.  The time and energy I put in is priceless ~ hours, days, and months of my life.

We are moving towards a new appreciation of the true value of consciousness and lifeforce bioenergy.  We are not there yet, so lifeforce and BEing and DOing are still valued in currency ~ or current-cy, like electrical current!* ~ everything is energy!

I gratefully receive all expressions of gratitude and appreciation offered in exchange for value.  Thank you!!!



P.S.  I would be ecstatic to know I am reaching more people, and another way you can express gratitude for this site is to link and share your favorite pages, and help spread this vital information.  And post a comment, or send ideas for things you feel should be included!  Thank you!!!

* currency = current-cy is quoting Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf


de Chardin - Communion with others Engaged in Evolving Consciousness

~ Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


Emerson - Even one life breathed easier