Ted Cruz EXPLODES on Big Tech With Blistering Rant




The Google Election ~ Michael Rechtenwald

Source:  ZeroHedge ~ Nov 14, 2020



Twitter Censored President Trump

Both By Deleting Tweets and Limiting Views / Blocking Retweeting

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Ted Cruz grills Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey for ‘censoring’ Hunter Biden story



Sen Klobuchar, Zuckerberg clash over political advertisements on Facebook


Twitter Locked CPB Commissioner Mark Morgan’s Account for Tweet Favorable to Trump

The day after testifying to congress that Twitter does not interfere in elections, Jack Dorsey’s company suspended the account of Mark Morgan, head of Customs and Border Patrol, for a tweet about progress on building the border wall with Mexico.  It’s one thing to censor news reports.  It’s quite another to censor official reports from government representatives.


Acting DHS chief Wolf warns Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: ‘Your censorship poses a threat to our security’

Excerpts from the DHS letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey:

“I write to you about Twitter’s recent censorship of Mark Morgan, the Senior Official Performing the Duties of Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP),” Wolf began. “Not only was Twitter’s act of censorship unjustified—the tweet is supported by data—it is disturbing. As the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other Federal agencies continue to rely on Twitter to share important information with the U.S. public, your censorship poses a threat to our security.”

“The fact that the tweet was removed and the account locked is startling,” Wolf wrote later in the letter. “It is hard to understand how anyone believed Mr. Morgan’s tweet promoted violence, threats or harassment. Especially considering that the facts about the border wall system support the tweet.”

Still later in the letter, Wolf added: “It is dangerous and damaging when any publisher arbitrarily and unfoundedly decides, as it did here, that the facts and policies of a particular Presidential Administration constitute ‘violence’—in order to censor them. And in the case of Twitter, this can cut off an essential mode of communication between U.S. Government officials and the public. In doing so, Twitter is sabotaging public discourse regarding important national and homeland security issues.

Wolf closed the letter by warning Dorsey to “never again censoring content on your platform and obstructing Americans’ unalienable right to communicate with each other and with their government and its officials, including the thousands of law enforcement officers at the DHS who work vigilantly and diligently to protect your safety every day.”


Why are they not covering this?

Newsmax / Sinclair Broadcasting ~ The Hunter Biden Laptop contained pornographic photos of Hunter Biden with adult women as well as underage girls.  The laptop also contained emails and contracts related to Hunter Biden’s business deals.  Hunter Biden has been under investigation since 2019 for money laundering and deals with Chinese Communist Party energy company CEFC.  Tony Bobulinski, former Biden business partner, has testified as a material witness.




Rudy Giuliani rages on Kennedy, Jack Dorsey



Michelle Malkin sounds off on Twitter’s Jack Dorsey


Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Senate hearing testimony in 18 minutes (supercut)


Facebook PURGE Is Here, Pro-Trump Groups WIPED OUT, Twitter Suppressing Trump Votes



‘Complete media bias’ censoring Biden allegations is ‘astounding’



Hunter Biden’s Story VANISHES, The Laptop Is STILL THERE But No One Will Talk About It





SPECIAL REPORT: Inside Joe Biden’s corruption scandal and the social media cover-up



New audio revealed tonight of the Biden families business partners worrying about THIS story



Tony Bobulinski Explains How Biden Would Personally Benefit From A Stake In A Chinese Business Deal



Tony Bobulinski: I Provided More Documents And Facts That Validate Times, Meetings, Who Participated



Hunter Biden’s text message from 2017: “The Chinese are coming ‘to be partners with the Bidens'”



Worse than Watergate




GAME OVER! DOJ CONFIRMS Hunter and Joe Biden’s WORST Nightmare just DAYS Before Election



EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden’s son emailed shop owner about hard drive to ‘get it back’: Former Trump chief

Steve Bannon, former chief strategist to President Donald Trump, has revealed Joe Biden’s son emailed a shop owner who had his hard drive in an effort to get it back.

The revelations come as the New York Post this week released an expose detailing links between Joe Biden and his son who was paid at least $50,000 a month to sit on the board of a Ukrainian energy company who allegedly set up a meeting with the then-Vice President.

Information regarding Hunter Biden’s relationship with the Ukranian energy company was sourced from a collection of emails recovered from a laptop that was allegedly dropped off at a repair shop in 2019 and later given to the FBI.

It was a water-damaged MacBook Pro and the person who dropped it off never paid for the service and didn’t retrieve it or a hard drive on which its contents were stored – according to the shop owner who said he repeatedly tried to contact the customer.

Sky News host Sharri Markson said the owner of the repair shop in Biden’s home state of Delaware says when he did not hear back from the FBI, he made a copy of the hard drive and gave it to Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani.

Emails on the laptop revealed that Hunter Biden had planned to introduce his father – the then-Vice President – to an executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma, a company where Hunter served on the board of directors.

Publicly, Biden has said he’s never spoken to his son about his overseas business dealings. These emails seem to indicate otherwise.

In one message sent by Vadym Pozharsky in April 2015, he wrote: “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent (sic) some time together. It’s realty (sic) an honour and pleasure.”

In response to this news, Facebook and Twitter both censored the article from the New York Post, advising they were “limiting the distribution” of the story on their platforms until a third-party contractor can “fact check” the article.

Mr Bannon told Ms Markson, “Hunter Biden’s lawyer has come to us both with phone calls and with emails saying, ‘hey, I’ve got to get the hard drive back’.”

“This is not some Russian intelligence operation; they admit it’s their hard drive,” Mr Bannon said.

“We have the emails from the Lawyer, if we need to release them, we’ll release them.”




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