Election Observer Speaks ~ Abnormal 20,000 Vote Spike for Biden

NTD News ~ Dec 28, 2020




Dozens of Georgia witnesses expose election irregularities

NTD News ~ Dec 27, 2020

Part 1 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RV57sFsojA

Part 2 ~ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTVhYQAdktY




Video Shows Suitcases Filled with Ballots Pulled Out from Under Table After Supervisors Told Other Poll Workers to Leave

The suitcases were hidden by a black table skirt.  The video later shows the election supervisor feeding the same stack of ballots through a tabulating machine repeatedly, meaning that entire stack, and probably other stacks, were counted at least two or three times.



Georgia Announces Hand Recount of Every Vote

Source:  The Palmieri Report ~ Nov 11, 2020

The Georgia secretary of state announced that they will be doing a hand recount of every vote.

BREAKING:  There will be an audit, recount & re-canvass in Georgia. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger says there will be no question about who won GA in the 2020 election.

UPDATE:  The Georgia “audit” appears to be fake

LAWYERS:  Georgia Recount Is A ‘Farce’, Observers Only Present In 10% Of Vote Count Teams


BREAKING: Project Veritas: Georgia Recount Auditors Call Multiple Ballots For Joe Biden That Were Actually Marked For President Trump (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit ~ Nov 16, 2020     (Click to read full story. Click on Twitter pic to see video.)

BREAKING TONIGHT:  Project Veritas has insiders in the Georgia recount that are catching votes wrongly attributed to Joe Biden.

“The second person was supposed to be checking it right, three times in three minutes she called out Biden,” the RNC monitor told Project Veritas. “The second auditor caught it and she said, “No, this is Trump.”

He continued, “Now, that’s just while I’m standing there. So, does the second checker catch it every time? But this lady in three times in three minutes from 2:09 to 2:12 she got three wrong.”

BREAKING: Georgia Recount Auditors Call Multiple Ballots For @JoeBiden That Were Actually Marked For @realDonaldTrump

“The second person was supposed to be checking it right, three times in three minutes she called out Biden.”#RiggedRecounts pic.twitter.com/ldvbCXXn0b

— James O’Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) November 16, 2020



Democrat Vernon Jones Exposes His Own Party in Georgia for Election Fraud


BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Open Records Request Finds NO INVOICES OR WORK ORDERS on Reported Election Day Water Main Break in Atlanta

Source:  Gateway Pundit ~ Nov 11, 2020

What really happened in Georgia when the water main reportedly broke causing a delay the election counting in the state?

On election night in Georgia President Trump was running away with the Presidential election, then suddenly it was reported that vote counting had stopped in Fulton County due to a water main break in Atlanta.

One Georgia resident, attorney Paul J. Dzikowski, attempted to obtain more information on the reported water main break in Atlanta.  He sent a letter to and requested any information related to the water main break under the Georgia Open Records Act.

Click to read full text of records request.

In response the only public records generated as a result of the alleged “burst pipe” that halted the counting of ballots in Atlanta (Fulton Co.) were a few text messages.  These messages were with the Sr. Vice President of the Atlanta Hawks, Geoffrey Stiles, who called it a “slow leak” that was “contained quickly,” and he said the entire thing was “highly exaggerated.”
Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 12.42.37 PM
No repair orders or work orders or invoices from a plumber associated with this “burst pipe” were provided.  Nothing.

What really happened on election night in Atlanta, and what was the real reason they stopped counting tens of thousands of absentee votes until the next day?



Navy Votes for Trump found in Griffin GA Dumpster




Georgia: David Shafer, Chairman of the Georgia GOP, reported that Georgia’s Fulton County instructed observers to leave, while they “took the ballots home with them” and “continued to count ballots in secret”, despite claiming that they were “closing up” for the night.



Election Voting Machines Down In GA County That Voted For Republicans In Last 5 Presidential Elections






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