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History of False Flag Operations

A false flag attack is an attack by one group intended to be blamed on another group, so that popular opinion can be rallied against the group who was falsely blamed for the attack.  Historically, false flag attacks have been used  to rally nations to go to war.  More recently, false flag terror attacks have been used to scare people into accepting more and more violations of their civil liberties in the name of safety and security.  You really cannot ever be completely safe from these sorts of attacks, and we are losing our civil liberties for nothing.

James Corbett ~ False Flags Don’t Fly


A short clip from Terrorstorm by Alex Jones gives history of several false flag attacks.


Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Admits FBI / CIA are Involved in Most “Terror” Attacks
“These terror acts were an excuse to pass anti-terrorism legislation.”


False Flags Currently Covered on this Page

Boston Bombings

West, Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion

9/11 Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon


Coming soon

Sandy Hook School Shooting

Aurora Theater Batman Shooting

Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin

London 7/7 Bombings

Oklahoma City Bombing ~ April 19, 1995

World Trade Center Bombings ~ 1993

Prior Known False Flags

Operation Gladio

Northwoods — failed attack on USS Liberty by Israel was intended to be blamed on Egypt and used as a pretext for the US to enter war

Gulf of Tonkin — staged pretext for the US to enter Vietnam War
In Fall 2010, the NSA officially admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin had been staged.

Bay of Pigs

Pearl Harbor ~ 12/7/1941 — pretext for the US to enter World War II

Reichstag Fire ~ 2/27/1933 —

Sinking of the Maine ~ 1898 — pretext for the US to start the Spanish-American War and the American empire

The Gunpowder Plot ~ Guy Fawkes Day ~ November 5, 1605 — Botched attempted assassination of King James I was blamed on the Pope, but was actually plotted by the Prime Minister,Lord Cecil, and led to the foundation of the British empire in war first with Spain, then with France


Craft International Special Forces Were On Scene At
Boston Marathon Finish Line

Who hired them???

We know they were there.  See the pictures and videos below.  We have multiple government agencies tasked with protecting the public, so who hired these guys?  Who were they working for? If they were hired by a faction of our government, which one?  If they were hired by some other faction, who???

7 Craft International mercenaries at finish line after blast

Craft International is a private military/security firm similar in nature to Blackwater (Xe).

See the article at by Anthony Gucciardi for detailed pics of the Craft International logo on these guys’ hats.

Here is the original 4chan photo collection and analysis.  Here is the article at Infowars based on those photos.

Total media blackout now under way on most likely suspects in Boston marathon bombing.

Chaos engulfs Boston as mainstream media can’t get its cover story straight by Mike Adams of NaturalNews.


Craft International 2 men - 2 photo angles w hat logo


Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks?

Facebook Blocks Infowars Post on Suspicious Men Wearing Backpacks

More Photos Surface of Mercenaries in Boston

Proof that Craft or Blackwater Agents did the Boston Marathon Bombing

Close-up video of Craft International soldier near finish line holding what has been identified as a radiation detector, and has been speculated to have been used as the detonator.


Craft International man with radiation detector at finish line


Retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Potter warns that Boston Marathon Bombing is a false flag.  Factions of our government are at war with each other.  The price of gold has been artificially forced down.  There was a bomb drill in process at the Boston Marathon, and Black Ops Mercenaries from Craft International were on scene.  Rogue factions in our government are responsible.  “There is a war going on inside our government and it’s going to spill out into the general population.”  One purpose is to divert our attention from the fact that Bush and Obama are being indicted for war crimes.

One possible motive for the type of terror attack in Boston is the fact that no gun control legislation was passed.  Following the Boston Bombings, Senators Baucus and Tester have offered an amendment that would control the sale of gunpowder.  Never mind that the pressure cookers could just as easily have been filled with fertilizer.  See below for analysis of the West, Texas fertilizer plant false flag.


Proof that Craft / Blackwater Agents Did the Bombing


Proof that Dshokhar Tsarnaev’s Backpack Was Photoshopped Out



Image Manipulation Fraud in ABC News Report on Boston Marathon Bombing

An ABC Special Report aired on April 15 was pulled from their internet archive after shoddy video editing was noticed by viewers.  The video was captured and mirrored so this fraud cannot be covered up.  Why would blood be edited into a scene at the Boston Marathon finish line?

More evidence of staged photos.  Warning: Viewer Discretion Advised….blood and gore.

In this article, an Emergency Medical First Responder with field experience refutes that anyone with two legs amputated at the knee/femur would be conscious in a wheelchair en route to the hospital.  More likely, the person would be in shock and bleeding out.  The EMT goes on to analyze a series of photos of the injured and explains that they are all actors and the entire scene is staged. 


Based on Historical Precedent, the FBI is Likely Involved

Judge Napolitano on FBI Faking Terror Plots.  17 out of 20 terror plots foiled by the FBI were incited and planned by the FBI.

The FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists by James Corbett of the Corbett Report.

Former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer covered the Iraq and Libyan Embassies at the United Nations throughout the 1990s up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003.  Her specialty is anti-terrorism.  The FBI is developing terrorism in the United States.

Reality Check:  Did the FBI Know About the Boston Bombing Beforehand?  by Ben Swann


You Would Think They Would Have Learned After Sandy Hook Reports Memorial Facebook Page Created Two Days Before Boston Marathon Bombings.


How Many Explosions Were There in Boston?

Was there or was there not a controlled demolition outside the JFK Library?

Eyewitness reports there was another explosion about 30 minutes after the first two.  The first two were near the finish line.  The third was NOT near the JFK Library.  Right click on the Download link and Save As to listen to the show.


Family Guy Episode Foreshadowed Boston Marathon Bombing by Three Weeks

A scene depicting runners at the Boston Marathon being killed and another depicting two bombs being detonated are SEPARATE SCENES but they are in the SAME EPISODE.  This episode aired on March 17, 2013.  The two scenes were spliced together out of order, but that does not make it a hoax that the episode ever appeared.  TIVO is now deleting the “hoax” episode.  Video story here.

In one scene, the main character is depicted as winning the Boston Marathon by killing all the other participants.

Family Guy wins Boston Marathon by killing runners

In the same episode in an earlier separate scene, the main character is depicted as accidentally detonating two bombs with a cell phone.

Family Guy accidentally detonates two bombs with cell phone








West, Texas Explosion Was Likely Detonated by a Bomb or Missile

Independent video of the tragic explosion that devastated the small town of West, Texas, shows that the plant was likely detonated from an outside source.  Eyewitness says, “It Was A Plane.”  by Shepard Ambellas

Three independent videos show an object incoming from the left towards the burning building.

Here is the first video from Glenn Canady, both in real time then frame by frame.

Here is the second video from Leda May, both in real time and with slow motion repeats at 50%, 20% and 5%.

Here is the audio track from the second video slowed down so you can hear what sounds like an incoming missile.  Here is the sound of a JDAM missile for comparison.

Here is the third video, recorded on DVR, first in slow motion then in real time.


Emergency Transmission From Firefighter To Dispatch Reports Bomb Inside Plant

Another key piece of evidence is the actual emergency transmission from that day.  In the audio to dispatch, the firefighter states, “We need every ambulance we can get this way.  A bomb just went off inside here, it’s pretty bad.  We got a lot of firemen down.”


Repeat of Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion on Same Day in 1947

This Day in History:  Fertilizer Explosion Kills 581 in Texas.


Aurora Theater Batman Shooting


Sikh Temple Shooting in Wisconsin


London 7/7 Bombings


9/11 Attacks on World Trade Center and Pentagon

James Corbett of the Corbett Report Explains 9/11 in Under 5 Minutes



Investigation and Analysis by Dr. Judy Wood Proves the World Trade Center Towers Turned to Dust In Midair

Dr. Judy Wood is a former professor of Mechanical Engineering, has a BS in Civil Engineering/Structural Engineering, MS in Engineering Mechanics/Applied Physics, and PhD in Materials Engineering Science.  She presents indisputable evidence that the World Trade Center towers were taken down with directed energy technology.  Dr. Wood proves what did not happen (fire caused by airplane fuel, thermite demolotion), and proves what did happen:  the towers turned to dust in mid-air.

Dr. Judy Wood’s website has a very detailed video near the top of the page, which is excellent in the detail it presents, but her presentation style is slow and methodical and the video is almost 2-1/2 hours long.

Here is a shorter introduction to her research:


Dustification Segment of Dr. Judy Wood Presentation


Dr. Judy Wood interviewed by Richard D. Hall on 2/8/2013
A non-kinetic energy weapon was used to “dustify” the World Trade Center towers.


WTC-7 - No Plane Hit This Building


Investigation and Analysis by Webster Tarpley

Webster Tarpley ~ 9/11 False Flag Terrorism: The Precedents and the Reality

Webster Tarpley’s best-selling book ~ 9/11 Synthetic Terror:  Made in the USA


9/11 Whistleblowers Tell Their Stories

Former CIA Asset Susan Lindauer was arrested under the Patriot Act.  She was the chief asset covering Iraq and Libya, and also covered Yemen, Syria, Egypt and Malaysia.  She was a back channel passing messages between Washington and the embassies in those countries.  Lindauer reveals 9/11 warnings that surfaced in April of 2001, and reveals that she had notified the Attorney General’s office in May 2001, thereby removing their “plausible deniability”, which she speculates is why they tried to silence her.  Her warnings were ignored.

Susan Lindauer’s book ~ Extreme Predjudice:  The Terrifying Story of the Patriot Act and the Cover Ups of 9/11 and Iraq

Sibel Edmonds ~ Bin Laden worked for U.S. Right Up Until 9/11     Part 1     Part 2

Sibel Edmonds’s book ~ Classified Woman ~ Edmonds was gagged under the State Secrets Act



Independent 9/11 Documentaries Raising Very Good Questions

While all of these documentaries raise very good questions, none of them raise the issues brought up by Dr. Judy Wood, who has the most scientifically accurate analysis of the facts and evidence.

Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup ~ Dylan Avery

9/11:  In Plane Sight ~ Dave Vonkleist and William Lewis

9/11:  The Greatest Lie Ever Sold ~ Anthony J. Hilder

9/11:  Follow The Money ~ Traces funds, names names ~ Project Hammer, money laundering, illicit bonds and securities trading, gold missing from under WTC 4

TerrorStorm: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism ~ Alex Jones

9/11:  The Road To Tyranny ~ Alex Jones

Martial Law 9/11: Rise of the Police State ~ Alex Jones



Oklahoma City Bombing ~ April 19, 1995


World Trade Center Bombings ~ 1993