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The Backstory on Financial Corruption

How deep does the corruption go, and how long has this been going on?  Very deep, and much longer than anyone would guess.  I’m going to point you in several different directions for the backstory, so you can see the big picture from several different angles and get a more complete idea of how pervasive the treachery has been.  Corruption was built into the financial systems from the beginning.


The Beginning of Money ~ Starting with King Solomon


A Few Lenses Through Which to View the History of our Financial Systems

  • A Short Overview:  The Paradigm Report by the One People’s Public Trust
  • Legalizing Domination and Control:  The Corporation
  • Modern Corruption:  Catherine Austin Fitts — Laundering Drug Money Keeps our Banks Afloat
  • Modern Corruption:  A Short History of the Real NESARA and Farmers Union Claims
  • Modern Corruption:  The White Hats Reports — Criminal Cabal Corruption Revealed
  • History of Corruption:  Eustace Mullins on The New World Order and The Secrets of the Federal Reserve
  • History of Corruption:  G. Edward Griffin:  The Creature From Jekyll Island
  • History of Corruption:  Documentaries (Freedom to Fascism, Thrive)
  • A Detailed History:  David Wilcock’s Extensive Expose on Financial Tyranny
  • Occult Financial Systems:  Jordan Maxwell
  • Occult Financial Systems:  Biblioteca Pleyades


A Short Overview:  The Paradigm Report

The best short overview is The Paradigm Report.  This is a document compiled by a team who spent years researching the corruption of our modern-day financial system.  At first, they were trying to figure out what needed to be done to clean up the corruption of the system.  As they mapped out the intricate layers upon layers of theft, fraud, ponzi schemes, money-laundering, and lies upon lies upon lies, they came to the conclusion that the modern financial system was so corrupt it could not be repaired.  By that time they had determined that the financial systems were in fact slavery systems, and they then began to search out how to disable them and free the people, and how to clear the slate so the free people could start all over and create systems that supported them without enslaving them.  Three of the researchers stepped forward to bond themselves as trustees of the One People’s Public Trust and began to use UCC law, the bankers own law, to trap them in a Catch-22 situation and shut down the slavery systems.

Here is some of the detailed information behind the Paradigm Report.  This History of Banking starts with King Solomon in 930 BC.


Legalizing Domination and Control:  The Corporation

The Corporation:  A Documentary

Joel Bakan ~ The Corporation:  The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power

From the book description:  Over the last 150 years the corporation has risen from relative obscurity to become the world’s dominant economic institution.  Eminent Canadian law professor and legal theorist Joel Bakan contends that today’s corporation is a pathological institution, a dangerous possessor of the great power it wields over people and societies.  In this revolutionary assessment of the history, character, and globalization of the modern business corporation, Bakan backs his premise with the following observations:

  • The corporation’s legally defined mandate is to pursue relentlessly and without exception its own economic self-interest, regardless of the harmful consequences it might cause to others.
  • The corporation’s unbridled self-interest victimizes individuals, society, and, when it goes awry, even shareholders, and can cause corporations to self-destruct, as recent Wall Street scandals reveal.
  • Governments have freed the corporation, despite its flawed character, from legal constraints through deregulation and granted it ever greater authority over society through privatization.

Challenging Corporations ~ The Battle for America ~ Part 1     Part 2     Part 3


Modern Corruption:  Catherine Austin Fitts

Financial Coup d’Etat

The Myth of the Rule of Law or How the Money Works:  The Destruction of Hamilton Securities Group

The Looting of America
Drug trafficking and money laundering are keeping western banking systems afloat.


Modern Corruption:  A Short History of NESARA (National Economic Security and Reformation Act)

The best short history of the real NESARA Act was compiled by Nancy B. Detwiler.  You can find her year-by-year chronology here.  The real NESARA Act was sealed from public eyes by order of the Supreme Court because to have paid out all the claims that were due would have bankrupted the country.  It was covered up by a fake NESARA Act called the National Economic Security and Recovery Act.

In the 1970s the Federal Land Bank illegally foreclosed on farmers mortgages all throughout the Midwest.  In each of these cases the farmers were defrauded by the banks with the approval of the Federal Reserve System.  In these cases, the banks were foreclosing on the properties using fraudulent methods such as charging exorbitant interest, illegal foreclosure, or by not crediting mortgage payments to their account as they should have, but instead would steal the mortgage payments for themselves triggering foreclosure on the property.  These court cases would eventually become known as the Farmer Claims ProgramRoy E. Schwasinger, Jr. filed a class action lawsuit in the Denver Federal Court system.  The suit was dismissed on the basis of incorrect filing.  This prompted Roy Schwasinger’s investigation into the inner workings of the banking system.

In the early 1990’s Roy Schwasinger brought the case before the United States Supreme Court.  Some of the content of this case is sealed from public eyes but most of it can be viewed today.  The U.S. Supreme Court Justices ruled that the Farmers Union claims were indeed valid, therefore, all property foreclosed by the Farmers Credit System was illegal and all those who were foreclosed on would have to receive damages.  In addition, they ruled that the U.S. federal government and banks had defrauded the farmers, and all U.S. citizens, out of vast sums of money and property.

Furthermore, the Supreme Court ruled the shocking truth that the IRS was a Puerto Rican Trust.

In addition, the court ruled that the Federal Reserve was unlawful.

There are provisions in the suppressed NESARA Act for events that must take place within specified time periods upon the announcement of the NESARA Act to the people of the United States.  Those who are aware of these provisions wait impatiently for our government to right itself, and follow blogs such as this one for any updates and indications that NESARA will be announced, and the Farmer Claims paid out.  Others who have been following it for years have determined that it has been corrupted and co-opted, and have given up waiting for the true NESARA Act to be implemented.  “D” of Removing the Shackles is in that camp…search her blog for NESARA and the Iraqi Dinar revaluation or “RV” and you will get a jaded and probably more accurate perspective.


Modern Corruption:  The White Hats Reports

White Hats Report #36 ~ $16 Trillion Missing From the Federal Reserve Bank

The White Hats and Lord James of Blackheath Deliver a Death Blow to the Cabal
(His reference to the minute that’s taken not coming off of his time refers to the fact that as soon as he stood to speak, many members of parliament made a hasty exit so as not to actually hear Lord James speak, so as to be able to claim no knowledge of the issue and thereby avoid incriminating themselves.)


General Accounting Office (GAO) Federal Reserve Audit Report: $16 Trillion in Secret Emergency Bailout Loans

White Hats Report #37 ~ America Demands Its $15 Trillion Dollars Back

White Hats Strategic Overview ~ Examples of US Agency use of the London and EU Banking Markets for Wealth Creation, without Congressional Oversight or Supervision.

White Hats Report #41 ~ Evidence of Global Fraud.  Scanned images of Federal Reserve Bank SWIFT Transmission Records Show Where the $16 Trillion Went.

White Hats Report #44 ~ Do You Have Your Ticket Yet? Change of Game Plan….  Many of you inquire as to what you can do to help in the battle against the cabal. In response to that, we will be more active in the future, providing more frequent reports with additional documents.  These new documents we’ve received are from a growing list of former participants in the greatest financial fraud in the history of mankind.  But they are participants no longer, and each is now assisting the White Hats all over the globe to bring the cabal to justice….  We have followed the money trail doggedly and it has led us through the exposures we have revealed to date…but they will seem irrelevant compared to the exposures to come.  Dulce, Groom Lake, black projects, reverse engineering, advanced technology are among the revelations to follow.

White Hats Report #45 ~ Money Stolen From the People Is Funding Black Projects.  Pureheart Investments Ltd. is a CIA front corporation.

White Hats Report #46 ~ A Different Call To Action ~ Critical Information and Six Agenda Items.  Drake, Homeland Security is not just for the homeland and the Federal Reserve has lost control of its spending, our leaders have their hands in the till, call to alternative news reporters to come out of their corners and talk to each other and connect the dots…. And now more about this $15T scam situation.  The Powers That Be decided a long time ago to keep the extraterrestrial situation quiet.  We need to identify who the Powers That Be are. They are the bloodline families.  They control everything that goes on in the banking world, the political world, and attempt to shape our individual reality on a daily basis.  The control they are exerting has to do with control of the masses.  I don’t think we need to create the long line of items that are currently before us … oh what the hell why not?  Just a few  … Obamacare, the United Nations Agenda 21, the Libor scandal (the newest scandal of world wide proportion to rock the banking sectors of the world), the money laundering scandals, the aliens and their technologies, UFO’s, Homeland Security, and last but not least, our leadership.

White Hats Report #47 ~ Watergate Revisited?  Obama has purposefully interfered with the Global Settlements, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation and in turn the Global Financial Reset effort. Over 80 some nations have signed an official criminal complaint against Obama personally in The World Court…and personally against Biden, Reid, Pelosi and Michelle Obama. And let’s be clear, the elected “leaders” of our country and the world are merely the shills, the marionettes and the mercenaries of the puppet Masters who stay hidden in their closets and dungeons, plotting the takeover of the planet with their off-world cohorts. Have you ever seen a Rothschild or a Rockefeller mentioned in the numerous lists of the wealthiest people in the world?  Why are the bankers mysteriously left off all these lists? The Rothschilds and Rockefellers and Morgans?

Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and Whistleblower Radio Interviews TMan of The White Hats about Report #48
Linking the money trail to black projects through CIA front corporation Pureheart Investments.  Global Settlements.  Dinar Revaluation.  The US Treasury Has Consumed the Federal Reserve Bank.


History of Corruption:  Eustace Mullins

Eustace Mullins actually researched the Federal Reserve well before G. Edward Griffin, so lets start with Mullins.  Here is the best website with archives of his complete works, and free access to downloads of many of his books.

And here are a few key lectures by Eustace Mullins on the topics of some of his books:

Eustace Mullins ~ The New World Order


Eustace Mullins ~ Money and the Conspiracy of Evil


Eustace Mullins ~ Secrets of the Federal Reserve


Eustace Mullins ~ The Federal Robbery System



History of Corruption:  G. Edward Griffin

The Creature From Jekyll Island ~ The Federal Reserve System is a Banking Cartel


The Creature From Jekyll Island ~ Earlier and Longer Lecture


The Capitalist Conspiracy


The Super Rich Are In a Conspiracy to Rule the World ~ The New World Order
(the audio is intact, but the video goes out from 4:45 to 10:45)


History of Corruption:  Key Documentaries

Aaron Russo ~ America:  Freedom to Fascism


Aaron Russo ~ American:  Freedom to Fascism ~ Director’s Cut


Thrive The Movie:  What On Earth Will It Take?
This documentary does a great job of pointing out corruption, but fails in the area of what to do about it.  The platform for suggestions is a great idea, but it’s mostly talk and little action.


A Detailed History:  David Wilcock

For more detail on the history of how these financial systems got to where they are today, we next go to David Wilcock. This whole story is such a wild ride, it will make a great movie one day.

Financial Tyranny: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time

Section Two: The History

Section Three: The Real World

Section Four: The Occult Economy

Section Five: Bretton Woods and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)

Section Six: The Ultimate Ponzi Scheme

Section Seven: The Evidence Is Irrefutable

Section Eight: The Interviews

Section Nine: Closing the Doors ~ Cease and Desist

Section Ten: Comments


The Neil Keenan Lawsuit on Behalf of the Dragon Family

Until the One People’s Public Trust exploded on the scene, the Neil Keenan / Dragon Family lawsuit had looked to be our best chance at crippling the central banks and regaining control of the financial systems.  That lawsuit has now been rendered obsolete by the UCC filings of the OPPT, which have already foreclosed on all of the central banks and government corporations and seized their assets for the benefit of The One People, every person on the planet, equally.  The fact that Neil Keenan isn’t happy for all of us and is fighting against the OPPT filings is now an interesting side story.



Occult Financial Systems:  Jordan Maxwell

Jordan Maxwell ~ Occult/Masonic Symbolism on the US $1 Bill


Jordan Maxwell ~ Basic Slideshow Presentation on Hidden Symbols

Jordan Maxwell ~ The Illuminati Exposed ~ Full Lecture


Occult Financial Systems:  Biblioteca Pleyades


New World Order Organization Chart


The Shadow Money Lenders ~ The Real Significance of the Fed’s Zero Interest Rate Policy


The Vatican, the P2 Masonic Lodge, and the Mafia


The History of the Powers and Authorities of His Excellency Dr. Ray C. Dam
Sole Arbiter, Owner and Controller of the International Collateral Combined Accounts of the Global Debt Facility


A New Tomorrow has an excellent history of Illuminati empire-building, beginning with Secret Societies and the charter of the East India Company in 1600.
Part 1 ~ Secret Societies

Part 2 ~ The Off-Ledger, Occult Economy

Part 2 cont’d ~ The Battle for Control of the Global Financial System

Part 3 ~ Global Paradigm Shift


Revocation of Contracts of Banking Systems

As you can see from the sections above on Occult Financial Systems, the Cabal has employed many tools in many times and dimensions to control and dominate the people of this planet.  Therefore, we need to use the same multidimensional tools to reclaim our free will.  The declaration below was written by Andrew Bartzis using soul language to revoke fine print inserted into soul contracts:  energetic agreements to play these games under rules to which we did not consciously consent.  Read it through once, feeling with your heart whether it resonates with you.  Make any changes to wording that you feel you need to make to be in alignment with the declaration.  Then to break the contracts, revoke your consent, and reclaim your free will, read this declaration aloud.  It will be more effective if read aloud each day for a week or a month.


I call to all spiritual contracts that exist within my past, present and future beings, selves and existence in this dimension and time stream, all time streams above and below the earth centric sine wave of co-existence. At this exact moment in the ever-present co-creating moment, I summon all DNA linage ancestors to create a unified-proper spiritual court of equity. So I may find remedy and resolve with all contracts that have inserted fine print during the pre-birth and birth process.

I call to the 4 elements, Air, Earth, Water and Fire. I call forth the the spiritual court of equity with all ancestors in union with the migration patterns of all soul family’s incarnating on earth mother. I call the primary ancestor spirits of earth mother to come into this spiritual court of equity to hold space for the reading and removal of all contracts dealing with the energetic exchange of value systems.

I call forth the earth global dreamtime. I call to the unified dreamtime societies of all earth to come to this spiritual court of equity too provide their complete wisdom to this sacred moment in which I reclaim my sovereign spirit authority for all exchange of energy for value systems.

I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with the primary banking families. I revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking family crests. I revoke, remove and dissolve all banking family trusts that use my name as a number for energy harvesting. I revoke all assumed rights used by the DNA based king-ship, lordship, or manor roll contracts that function within all banking families. I here by state I do not consent to rule by the few. I do not consent to rule by the banking families.

I do not consent with the assumed authority of the banking families funding the free court systems. I revoke all rights, privileges and rules created by the family crest based or DNA linage based banking families to dominate and control the free court system. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts that define the bank system as being intertwined with my freewill. I revoke all fine print with in all of my soul contracts past, present and future that deal with any banking system as a 3d-matrix debt collection or energy harvesting system.

I demand the instant repayment of all energy and 3d matrix representations of value. I do not consent to the use of corrupt courts as a means of judgment. I revoke all rights of 3d based courts assumptions of power with any 3d exchange for value systems created for the follies of the banking families.

I here by revoke all consent of ink based, web based or energy based signature harvesting systems. I revoke all rights to use my 3d matrix signature to represent me in any court system, spiritual or 3d matrix.

I do not consent to the use of my soul contracts as a means of energy harvesting from any of the primary banking systems created by the primary soul contract holding banking families. I revoke all rights to use my name in any form of banking family coat of arms contracts. I demand the instant and permanent erasure of all signatures used to represent me in the banking exchange for value system.

I do not consent to the use of my life-force for any exchange for value banking system that is not completely transparent with all transactions, spiritual or 3d-matrix.

I here by state that all bank based buildings using sacred geometry have NO POWER over my sovereign free will. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all banking systems that use sacred geometry as a means of energy harvesting or a tool for domination and control.

I revoke all rights, privileges and assumptions with all buildings that use sacred geometry as fine print soul contract enforcement systems. I do not consent to any sacred geometry building to house, hold or transfer any of my life force to any banking system on all of earths time lines and or co-existing dimensions. I here by revoke all spiritual contracts with all sacred geometry systems that use my life force with out direct consent from me and all of my soul family ancestors in complete agreement.

I revoke all rights, assumptions and rules that create a new sacred geometry banking system. I here by declare that all banking families and systems are now banished from operating in secret, covert or overt ways to harvest my energy in any way shape or form.

I here by declare that earth mother is now in dominion with me for all energy exchange for value systems. I call forth all the ancestors to honor this reading of my freewill and enter it into the earth Akashic record for all sentient kind to understand our freedom comes with the use of freewill at all times.