You Have the Right to Remain Silent or Start a Revolution


Revolution:  An Instruction Manual

How To Take Down a Tyrant Without Firing a Shot ~ by Storm Clouds Gathering


Your Revolutionary Homework:  Recommended Reading

Naomi Wolf ~ Give Me Liberty:  A Handbook For American Revolutionaries

Gustave Le Bon ~ The Crowd

Gustave Le Bon ~ The Psychology of Revolution

Gene Sharp ~ From Dictatorship to Democracy     Kindle edition

Gene Sharp ~ 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action

Albert Einstein Institute ~ Free Downloads in 26 Languages ~ Videos

Gene Sharp ~ How to Start a Revolution ~ Trailer

Gene Sharp ~Insight Following the Arab Spring ~ January 30, 2012

Gene Sharp ~ The Power and Potential of Nonviolent Struggle
Preceded by Trailer for How to Start a Revolution.  Lecture starts at 2:25.

Gene Sharp ~ How to Start a Revolution
Full Film with Greek subtitles.



Enough Talk - Time to Walk Like the Egyptians - photo of 30 million protesters


Naomi Wolf ~ Fake Activism ~ “For a Protest To Be Effective, You Have to Stop Traffic….  It Has To Disrupt ‘Business As Usual’.”
First couple tips:
To avoid violent escalation, don’t march, sit.  Sit in the street if you can.
Don’t chant, sing.  Singing is uplifting and not militant.


Naomi Wolf ~ Democracy 101 ~ Effective Protest
Ten Steps for an Effective Protest


Naomi Wolf ~ Citizen Empowerment 101
Long Intro ~ Naomi starts at 5:15.  Story of her arbitrary arrest and release.  Abbreviated run-through of the Ten Steps to Fascism.  How To Reopen a Closing Society starts at 47:05. 

  1. First step is internal/psychological ~ wake up, embrace your freedoms, insist on your rights, reclaim your power.
  2. Protest ~ Peacefully, not anonymously (don’t enable provacateurs), singing, blocking traffic peacefully.  Stop business as usual.
  3. Get educated about the law, respect the rule of law.
  4. Do not tolerate any infringements of Freedom of Religion.
  5. Believe in equality ~ the essential dignity of all people.
  6. Learn how to organize and run a meeting.  Consensus is NOT a good tactic.  Learn how to build coalitions, even if not everyone agrees on specfic tactics.
  7. Leadership is not negative, patriarchal and oppressive.  Distinguish between top-down models of leadership vs. people like Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Rosa Parks.  Train leaders in media skills, sound bites, inclusive languaging.
  8. Money ~ Money is neutral, money is energy.  Learn how to use money for good, fundraise.  Money is power.
  9. Think about nature of American power and what it means to be American:  Freedom.


Global Revolution 2013


Storm Clouds Gathering Calls for the Military to Mutiny

Storm Clouds Gathering ~ Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

US Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way)


Protesters in Egypt shine green lasers at the helicopter pilot to blind him and prevent him from flying closer to them and attacking or photographing them.

Egyptians within protesting crowd of millions use lasers to blind helicopter pilot


Power vs. Force:  How We Free Ourselves

Dr. David Hawkins is the author of Power vs. Force.  He shows that the force of military and police are brute force that may control a person physically, but can never control heart and mind.  The power within each of us is focused into manifestation through our thoughts and intentions.  Gandhi won India’s freedom using power, not force.

Ghandi’s Speech on Non-Violence


Morality - Doing What is Right -- Obedience - Doing What You Are Told


A Free and Open Internet is Critical to our Resistance

If we lose our right to free speech and uncensored internet access, we won’t be able to network and build community and raise consciousness as we are intended to do.

It is critical that we oppose SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, ACTA, etc., etc.  The latest incarnation of this zombie legislation is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which is being negotiated in secret.  A draft was leaked, and found to contain language related to copyright infringement protection and prevention which would affect internet freedom and privacy.  Here is what the Electronic Frontier Foundation has to say about the TPP.

It is critical that we begin the migration to communicating via Project XIII so that we own our data and will not suffer unnecessarily if the government shuts down the internet.

If you are tech savvy enough to prepare in advance for maintaining local communications in the event the government shuts down the internet, please do so.

How to communicate without internet


They can touch our balls at the airport, but they will never take our internet!  (Mel Gibson in Braveheart)


Reformation vs. Transformation

To reform is to change a system by working within the existing system.

To transform is to change a system by making it obsolete and replacing it with an entirely new system.


Reform through Legislation:  Fighting the System From Within

I consider this merely damage control.  Attempts to rein in our tyrannical government through legislation are only attempts to prevent the existing system from getting worse than it already is.  Our Senators and Representatives no longer answer to We The People who supposedly elect them.  The main reason to make sure they hear from us on these issues is to remind them that we have not acquiesced to domination and control.

Restore Election Integrity.  Voter Action ~ Fighting against electronic voting machines and vote-counting software outsourced to private corporations.

Restore Free Speech Rights.


Restore Rights to Freedom of Assembly.

Bill of Rights Defense Committee


Prevent Internet Censorship.  We stopped SOPA, PIPA, CISPA, and ACTA.  Now we need to stop the TPP. 


Transformation through Action:  Moving Beyond the Old System

The tearing down of the Berlin Wall was a major event that changed the political and cultural landscape.  We need some transformative events such as that.

Events Envisioned as Global

We urgently need a movement of millions of people:  a global uprising to demand the announcement of the foreclosures of the banks and corporations and the end of cabal control of the planet.

Abolish corrupted constitutions.

Return Courts to operating under Common Law instead of Admiralty Law, Contract Law and Equity Law.

Implement a new and more fair form of Contract Law as defined by the One People via the Uniform Commercial Code.

Abolish Corporate Rules, Regulations and Statutes for which there is no injured party.

Free prisoners who did not violate any natural or universal laws, only statutory rules or regulations.

Begin discussion of how to transition away from corrupted systems of law to viable and fair systems of law.

Begin discussion inclusive of all the One People on how to govern our communities and planets now that the corrupt governments have been foreclosed.

End all economic embargoes, financial wars, and financial terrorism.  Dismantle financial slavery systems.

Seize all Rothschild-owned central banks in the name of The One People.

Cancel all IMF and World Bank debts:  they are all fictitious.

Cancel all fraudulent mortgage, car note and credit card debt.

End austerity programs.  Continue pensions and other benefit payments during this time of transition.  Expand benefit payments to include people who have maxed out their unemployment benefits, people whose pensions were stolen by the cabal banksters, and people whose homes or jobs were stolen by the cabal banksters.

Transform Monetary and Financial Systems Across the Entire Planet

Implement the I-UV Exchange

Abolish fiat currencies.

Abolish stock market trading and most modern financial instruments; abolish tools of usury and energy harvesting via money.

End Big Agra cartel control of the food supply

End Big Pharma control of the healthcare system and suppression of safe and natural and not-very-profitable cures.  Implementation of the healthcare of the future, vibrational medicine:  thought, color, light and sound.

End Petrochemical cartel control of energy.  Transition away from gasoline, coal, natural gas and other toxic energy sources to free energy devices.

End the Truth Embargo regarding existence of and interaction with ETs


Stop Chemtrail Spraying and Weather Modification Programs

Burn all crop fields tainted with GMOs and begin soil restoration and replanting programs using heirloom seeds.

End the War on Drugs and the For-Profit Prison Systems

Events Specific to the United States of America

Abolish the Unlawful and Never-Ratified Income Tax; Abolish the Internal Revenue Service.


A Roy - Lay Siege to Empire - Dont Buy What Theyre Selling