Project XIII Returns Control of Your Data to You

The initial release of this software is a replacement for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.  Coming soon will be truly private VOIP telephone service, and replacements for Skype, PayPal, and other features as prioritized by the users.  All of your data is encrypted with one of the strongest data encryption technologies available.

The Project XIII App for Windows and Mac Desktops is now available for download!!!
Currently in Alpha.  Click on NEWS then click on Windows or Mac download link.)

The Project XIII App for iPhone and iPad is now available for download!!!

The Project XIII App for Windows Phone 8 is now available for download!!!

Official website for Project XIII

Here are some screenshots of the Windows Phone 8 app.


Caleb Skinner Gives a Demo of the Project XIII Windows 8 Phone App


American Kabuki interviews Caleb Skinner on the philosophy of the privacy and data protection built into Projext XIII


D (of Removing the Shackles) Interviews Caleb Skinner on Project XIII


Mark Hoza discusses the philosophy of Project XIII
The end of energy harvesting. Secure communication. Transition to a new economy.


Video tutorial for Windows 8 for desktop PC
I don’t know whether the “hot corners” and other features are all included on the phone version of Windows 8, but this is a great video on how to move and resize tiles, add or remove tiles, and other basics of the Windows 8 interface, by Scott Hanselman.