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This is the presentation Mark Passio delivered at the second annual Tesla Memorial Conference in New York, NY on January 11, 2014.

In this presentation, Mark explains to the “Free” Energy Movement that the manifestation of Free Energy technology for the betterment of Humanity is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve while SLAVERY remains the Human Condition. Slavery must be ended FIRST before Free Energy can manifest.

Mark identifies two false religions:

is an ILLUSION born out of MIND CONTROL, based entirely in VIOLENCE, and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic BELIEF that some people are MASTERS who have the moral right to issue commands, and others are SLAVES who have a moral obligation to obey the masters.

Money is a BELIEF-based system of control built upon the FEAR OF SCARCITY and purposefully designed to limit access to ENERGY.

Mark’s web site: http://www.WhatOnEarthIsHappening.com

The conference was hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation, http://www.TeslaScienceFoundation.org



The One People Absent Limits Are Going On Tour!

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, and Bob Wright (Guru Bob) are part of a team of people who will be criss-crossing the USA with a caravan, bringing Love, Light, and Zero-Point Energy conversion blueprints and training to all those who venture out to play with them at one of the Meetup events along the way.  A 1984 Chevy Suburban that runs on water will be part of the caravan, and there will also be a working generator that runs on water.  The generator will be used to power extra equipment on one of the RVs in the caravan, including the media team equipment, so that 5D Media Network radio broadcasts can go on as scheduled from wherever the OPAL Tour happens to be at those times.


Cars that run on water are the wave of the future!!!

Invite every car mechanic you know to come for training on how to convert a gasoline engine to run on water.

The tour crew will be giving away blueprints and schematics, sources for parts (conversion kits), lists of tools needed, and links to download digital files with all of the information and videos on how to do the conversions.  But live training is always best, so try to be there!

The current cost of the conversion kit (parts needed to convert a car to run on water) is about $1,500 to $2,000.  When the conversion kits begin to be mass produced, the price will probably drop to $1,000 or less.


OPAL Tour Intro Video


The OPAL Tour Caravan Will Be Distributing Blueprints and Instructions for Converting Cars and Generators to Run on Water

Brian Kelly’s blog post Announcement, with a Pre-Post Rant from D of Removing the Shackles

Here is the MP3 archive recording of the In Joy Show on which they announced that there would be an engineer/mechanic coming on the OPAL Tour to distribute Free Energy technology and training.  This show is a discussion between some of the key players that explains the vision for the tour.  Listen to this if you’re not up for reading all the details on the various websites, blogs and Facebook pages listed here:

OPAL Tour Mission/Vision Statement

OPAL Tour Blog

OPAL Tour Itinerary – Calendar of Events, MeetUp Locations, Tour Route

Get Involved – Join the Caravan, Organize a Meetup in Your Town, Spread the Word, Help Manifest Plane Tickets and Gas Money, Make a Donation

Donate to the GoFundMe campaign

Donate via PayPal directly to Lisa Harrison:  Lisa@lisamharrison.com

OPAL Tour Facebook Page

OPAL Tour Facebook Group

Twitter Hashtag:  #opaltour

Our first OPAL Family Meetup will be in Tehachapi, California on October 25-27.  Our PDF Tehachapi Family Gathering Community Guide covers all the details of this event.


The Stan Meyers Water Car (from Decades Ago)


Big Oil Killed the Electric Car … and a Previous Version of a Water Car

Cars That Run On Water

SIRIUS Documentary Trailer ~ ETs Suppressed Because of Their Energy Systems