The European and American Public Are Being Systematically Lied To About the Ukraine Crisis

The crimes against humanity committed in Kiev earlier this year were in fact committed by the new coalition government…officials in the E.U. and the United States knew full well who committed these crimes…they are protecting and financially supporting the real criminals.

Ukraine Crisis ~ What You’re Not Being Told


The Odessa Massacre ~ What Really Happened

Contrary to what the mainstream media has tried to convince you, it’s not at all a mystery how the fire started in Odessa, Ukraine and it’s not at all a mystery who started it.  We owe it to the victims to expose what really happened.

The IMF made it very clear that the 17 billion dollar loan package they are offering will be cancelled if Kiev fails to regain control of the east.

It’s worth noting that Kiev began the third military offensive right after the IMF made that threat, and right after the massacre in Odessa, the IMF made the first 3.2 billion dollar payment towards that 17 billion.  I guess they earned it.


West Supports Kiev as it Escalates its Assault on Eastern Ukraine, Shelling Residential Areas

Residential areas in the east of Ukraine are being shelled indiscriminately by western forces, yet the corporate media is still trying to spin this as a result of Russian provocation.  For example the BBC ran a story today entitled “Is Russia orchestrating east Ukraine violence?”.  Yahoo ran a similar article entitled “US troubled by new Ukraine violence” in which they promote the White House’s official stance, which condemns the separatists for shooting down helicopters being used to attack them.

The provisional government in Kiev launched a military offensive against the eastern city of Slavyansk using tanks and helicopters, but the mainstream media will never show you what actually happened.  Click here for photos.


Slavyansk Shocked as Ukraine Army Shells Residential Area

Ukraine Government and Pro-Russian Militants Battle for Donetsk Airport

Battle erupted at the main airport in the city of Donetsk in eastern Ukraine Monday, after a rebel attack was met with government airstrikes and assault by paratroops.


Human Rights Watch Condemns the Detention of Journalists by Ukrainian Provisional Government

The Ukrainian provisional government is attempting to regain control of the flow of information in the worst possible way:  by cracking down on journalists.

Kiev has accused the journalists of transporting anti-aircraft missiles in their trunk, and claimed that they were not journalists at all.  A far more plausible explanation for their arrest is the fact that these were the same journalists that exposed the fact that U.N. helicopters were being employed in the military crackdown against protesters in the east.


UN Marked Mil Mi-24 Strike Helicopter Used in E. Ukraine Crackdown
Journalist Wounded and Refused Medical Evacuation


The U.N. has since issued a statement condemning the fact that the markings were left on the aircraft during the mission.  Note that they didn’t object to the use of their aircraft in military operations, just the markings (shooting political dissidents is fine, but don’t tarnish our image).




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