From Wikipedia:  The technocracy movement is a social and ideological movement which arose in the early 20th century.  Technocracy was popular in the United States and Canada for a brief period in the early 1930s, before it was overshadowed by other proposals for dealing with the crisis of the Great Depression. The technocracy movement proposed replacing politicians and businesspeople with scientists and engineers who had the technical expertise to manage the economy.

The vision of Technocracy was developed at Colombia University, and the founders of the movement occupied half of the basement of Hamilton Hall.  In the other half of the basement were the creators of IBM, so the visionaries of Technocracy rubbed shoulders with the visionaries of the future possibilities of computing.  The dream of Technocracy was not possible to fully implement until 5G technology made possible the total surveillance and total connectivity of the “Internet of Things” (IoT).

Our New Technocratic Lords

Jerry Day ~ Sept 25, 2015

Science and Technology as instruments of social control

Science, Technocracy, and Social Control ~ Jerry Day on The Corbett Report

June 14, 2006