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Former CIA employee and whistleblower Edward Snowden has exposed a top-secret NSA surveillance program to the media. Leading tech companies were revealed to be involved in “dragnet” intelligence gathering through the PRISM spy tool.

Live updates from RT. 

Before Edward Snowden was Thomas Drake, and before Drake was William Binney, and before Binney was Russell Tice.  Russ Tice is a former Intelligence Analyst with the NSA, specializing in satellite systems.  He inadvertently discovered that Americans were being spied on with US military intelligence space capabilities.  NSA was targeting journalists and news organizations, international businesses, law firms and lawyers, and also the State Department, high-ranking admirals and generals, Senators, Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, and then Senatorial-hopeful Barack Obama.

Tice speculates that blackmail and control is the obvious motivation for these wiretaps, and observes that the intelligence budget has somehow escaped sequester budget cuts, and it seems that the intelligence agency gets whatever they want.  Tice speculates that the upper echelon of the intelligence community is running our government.

Tice points out that both GW Bush and Obama have lied about NSA spying capabilities and spying operations within America.  The NSA is gathering not just metadata, but content, of every email, phone call, video call, and instant message in the entire country.

Tice:  “I sort of consider this sort of a light police state, because they’re hiding the fact that it’s a police state.  I mean, the fact that they can literally go into all of our communications, all our digital communications, the fact that it’s been disclosed recently that the Post Office is now doing a cover on every tangible letter that goes through the Post Office, they’re taking a picture of everything, they’re looking at the return address and they’re looking at the main address of who’s mailing something, and that is also being digitally stored.  So every means of communication in this country, everything, is being watched by the federal government, and that is Orwellian, and that is a trademark of a police state.”


US General James Cartwright was number two man in the US military, in his capacity as Vice-Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and so close an advisor to the President as to be regarded by Washington insiders as ‘Obama’s General’.  He is quite possibly the most high-ranking, high-profile whistleblower in the history of the United States.

Now he’s facing prosecution for blowing the whistle on ‘Operation Olympic Games’ which planted the Stuxnet and Flame viruses in Iranian nuclear facilities in order to derail Iran’s civilian nuclear program.  On closer examination, it appears that Cartwright’s revelations didn’t so much harm US interests per say, but they hindered Israeli ambitions towards a war with Iran.

Rather than a Whistleblower, Thierry Meyssan regards Cartwright as a Resistance Hero and compares him to Admiral Canaris (director of Hitler’s military intelligence, who secretly also organized resistance to Hitler’s regime) or Count Stauffenberg (who attempted to assassinate Hitler).  Which is saying that he is resisting the oppression of a military-police dictatorship.

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This was posted on American Kabuki almost two months ago, and I just found it on Brian Kelly’s blog.  It is a letter from the son of a CIA officer who dissuaded his son from entering into military service and a career in intelligence, telling some of his father’s life story.  This information connects a lot of dots and reveals a lot of hidden history.

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