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The One People Movement

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and we’re done waiting.”

The One People’s Public Trust birthed The One People Movement

The OPAL Tour ~ One People Absent Limits

OPAL Tour Mission/Vision Statement ~ Uniting amazing groups of people doing amazing things, all over the world!

The One People Movement evolved out of following the One People’s Public Trust through to its dissolution once all of the necessary UCC documents had been filed and the work of the OPPT had been completed.  There had been so much energy put into visioning our new future, and such a wonderful community built and so many friends made during the journey, that the momentum could not be stopped just because the OPPT was dissolved, and in conversation on The Collective Imagination Show and later The One People Show, and The One People Movement was born.

As the movement continued to grow, more online radio shows were added to the 5D Media Network,  All of them came out of the community of people who were aware that we were visioning and manifesting how to implement the changes made by the OPPT UCC filings.  The Repurposing Show was launched with the specific purpose of starting discussions about how to transition industries and organizations from the old paradigm to the new future we are envisioning.

OPAL Tour Launch in Tehachapi, California, October 25-27, 2013

OPAL Tour at the Ascension Rising Conference in Sedona, November 1-3, 2013

OPAL Tour Thunder Ranch Meetup, West Point Texas, November 15-17, 2013

OPAL Tour, Oslo, Norway, November 2013



The One People Absent Limits Went On Tour!

Lisa Harrison, Brian Kelly, and Bob Wright (Guru Bob) are part of a team of people who criss-crossed the USA with a caravan, bringing Love and Light and Connecting Communities among all those who ventured out to play with them at one of the Meetup events along the way.  Lisa, Brian, and Bob also took a side trip to Oslo, Norway!  Part of the mission was to show live demonstrations of a working generator that runs on water.  The generator was intended to be used to power extra equipment on one of the RVs in the caravan, including the media team equipment, so that 5D Media Network radio broadcasts could go on as scheduled from wherever the OPAL Tour happened to be at those times, but I didn’t hear how that worked out….

OPAL Tour Intro Video


Brian Kelly’s blog post Announcement, with a Pre-Post Rant from D of Removing the Shackles

Here is the MP3 archive recording of the In Joy Show on which they announced that there would be an engineer/mechanic coming on the OPAL Tour to distribute Free Energy technology and training.  This show is a discussion between some of the key players that explains the vision for the tour.  Listen to this if you’re not up for reading all the details on the various websites, blogs and Facebook pages listed here:

OPAL Tour Mission/Vision Statement

OPAL Tour Blog

OPAL Tour Itinerary – Calendar of Events, MeetUp Locations, Tour Route

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Our first OPAL Family Meetup was in Tehachapi, California on October 25-27, 2013.  

I went to the OPAL Tour launch event in Techachapi, and I got to see a demonstration of a generator running on Pepsi and powering various hand-tools in the garage where the demonstration took place.  But the blueprints for converting cars to run on water, and the car conversion kits, had yet to be delivered.  Brian admitted that the technology is not yet safe enough for mass distribution, and engineers are still working out the kinks.  The best part of the OPAL Tour launch event was meeting so many beautiful spirits, and the sense of community that we all created.  ~ Crystal