Doctors, Scientists, and Researchers

Del Bigtree ~

Dr Rashid Buttar ~ Website ~ YouTube

Dr Buttar has been very outspoken about the plandemic from the beginning, and has had several of his videos deleted from YouTube.  In addition to his own videos, he has been interviewed extensively.


Dr Jay Bhattacharya

Stanford Bio ~ YouTube 

Dr Thomas Cowan

G Edward Griffin ~ 

Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi of Kern County

These doctors co-own a chain of Emergency Room Clinics in California, from San Diego to Kern County, and reported their own data in a press briefing that went viral on YouTube, and then was deleted.  This censorship is abhorrent, because these medical doctors were reporting factual statistics from their own clinics and comparing that data with USA statistics from the CDC and government-reported statistics from other countries.

Dr Andrew Kaufman

Robert F Kennedy Jr ~ Children’s Health Defense ~ YouTube

Journeyman Pictures ~ YouTube

Dr Pamela Popper ~ YouTube

Perspectives on the Pandemic ~ YouTubeAll removed episodes are available on the producers Facebook page.  Sam Husseini’s website with additional pieces and resources.
Salon article ~ Did This Virus Come From a Lab?  Maybe not, but it exposes the threat of a biowarfare arms race

Polly’s Autism Media Channel ~ YouTube

Dr Sherri Tenpenny

The Truth About Vaccines ~ Ty and Charlene Bollinger ~ YouTube

UnHerd ~ YouTube

Vaxxed TV ~ YouTube ~ Odysee ~ BitChute



Social Media is Being Censored ~ Time to Move to Other Platforms

As more and more news reports, articles, blog posts, interviews, and documentaries are removed from corporate-controlled social media platforms, the move to alternative platforms is becoming urgent.

Alternatives to YouTube

Rumble ~ 

BrandNewTube ~ 

Bitchute ~

DTube ~ / ~ Google Tries to Burn LBRY…But LBRY Fights Back


Brighteon ~ Founded by Mike Adams, this platform will probably remain free of censorship


Alternatives to Facebook

Parler ~

Minds ~

Medium ~


Alternatives to Twitter

Gab ~


Alternatives to Instagram

Alternative to Reddit



Blockchain-Based Platforms




Real News is Being Censored ~ Here’s Where You Can Find It


Focused Coverage of the Plandemic

James Corbett ~ The Corbett Report ~ YouTube Channel 

Spiro Skouras

David Icke

Brian Rose ~ London Real

George Webb

Max Igan ~ The CrowHouse ~ YouTube Channel

The Last American Vagabond ~ Ryan Christian


Investigative Journalists and More Good Sources


Activist Post ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Before It’s News

Benjamin Fulford ~ Former Bureau Chief of the Asia-Pacific Division of Forbes Magazine and resident of Japan, Fulford tends to report on inside financial news, Cabal infighting that affects geo-politics, and stuff most journalists simply don’t have access to.  Occasionally, he gets fed disinformation, so you have to take a wait and see attitude on some of his reports.  Fulford’s weekly blog comes out every Monday, and he occasionally posts additional material during the week on this blog.  His main website is not updated very often.  His weekly blog is usually reprinted in full here, here and here, or you can just StartPage search for the title.

Blacklisted News

Brasscheck TV 

Catherine Austin Fitts ~ The Solari Report

Collective Evolution ~ Facebook ~ Consciousness, Health, Science and Technology, Alternative News



Forbidden Knowledge TV

Global Research

Glenn Greenwald ~ at The Guardian ~ formerly at Salon

Chris Hedges ~ at Truthdig

Seymour Hersh ~ at The New Yorker

Alex Jones ~ ~ Alex Jones has a loud, high-energy presence, but try to get past that so you can hear some reporting not covered anywhere else.  There is some speculation that Alex Jones might have been bought off or blackmailed and may now be a source of disinformation, so take his reports with a grain of salt.

Birgitta Jonsdottir ~ official blog ~ at The Guardian ~ Twitter

Judge Andrew Napolitano ~ official website ~ Facebook


Greg Palast ~

John Pilger ~ YouTube ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Jon Rappoport ~

Reader Supported News

Real Econ TV ~ Business News Without the Bullshit

Greg Reese

Rumor Mill News

Storm Clouds Gathering ~ YouTube ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Sean ~ SGT Report ~ YouTube

Ben Swann ~ Reality Check ~ YouTube ~ Facebook ~ Twitter

Matt Taibbi ~ at Rolling Stone ~ Mostly financial corruption

T-Man ~ The White Hats Report ~ Coverage of insider financial news designed to take down the Cabal, by former intelligence people, extensively researched, heavily referenced, and often including copies of damaging documents, such as the SWIFT transactions showing where the $16 Trillion dollars went that is missing from the Federal Reserve Bank.

Transpicuous News ~ Financial and Geopolitical News from D’s Removing the Shackles Research Team



Wikileaks ~ Facebook

WorldTruth TV ~ Facebook

David Zublick


How to Beat Internet Censorship and Create Your Own Newsfeed

Health Impact News ~ May 7, 2020

Article details how to add your own selection of websites to an RSS feed reader so you will get articles and videos in your RSS feeder almost as soon as they are published.

Square "RSS" button with reflection (orange)

List of RSS Feeds Copied from Health Impact News

“I am going to update this article and publish my own current newsfeed, with the list of RSS links.

“Please note this is a constant developing newsfeed, and the presence of a publication in my newsfeed does NOT mean I endorse that publication.

“As an editor, I want to be informed about ALL sides of an issue, even those I do not agree with, or maybe only partially agree with, etc. So you will see some “left-leaning,” some “right-leaning,” and some “libertarian-leaning” sources, along with some that do not fit any particular category and just practice good journalism.

Many of these sources have been banned by Big Tech in places like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

There are not many corporate sites in my newsfeed, because you can get all of those in one place:

If you keep Google News open in a tab in your browser and refresh throughout the day, you see exactly what the corporate media’s main message is that day, which is primarily the Liberal Left, with a few Fox News stories thrown in from time to time to make them look “balanced.”


Activist Post –


Alliance for Natural Health –

Amazing Polly –

Behind The News Network –

Ben Swann –

Big League Politics –

CCHR International –

Children’s Health Defense –

Civil Eats –

Conscious Resistance Network –

The Corbett Report – –

David Icke –

Dr Brownstein – (Currently inactive due to FTC censorship)

Dr. Malcolm Kendrick –

Evolution News –

EWG News –

FiercePharma –

Free Thought Project –

From the Trenches World Report – –

Gateway Pundit –

Geoengineering Watch –

Global Research –

GMWatch Home –

GreenMedInfo –

Health Impact News – –

Highwire –

Jefferey Jaxen – Blog –

Jennifer Margulis –

Jon Rappoport’s Blog –

Larken Rose –

LewRockwell –

Lockdown Sceptics –

London Real –

Mercola –

Millennial Millie –

MintPress News – –

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition –

Natural Blaze –

Natural News –

NCCPR Child Welfare Blog –

New American –

OffGuardian –

Organic Prepper –

ProPublica –

pubmed: coconut –

pubmed: coconut oil –

pubmed: glyphosate –

pubmed: ketogenic –

pubmed: lauric acid –

pubmed: nigella sativa –

pubmed: vaccine induced auto... –

Q (We) Are The News –

reallygraceful –

Rethinking Foster Care –

Rise Magazine –

Ron Paul Institute for Peace And Prosperity –

SaneVax, Inc. –

Sarah Westall –

Sharyl Attkisson –

Spiro Skouras –

Stand for Health Freedom –

StopTheCrime –

Strategic Culture Foundation –

Summit News –

Sustainable Pulse –

Technocracy News –

The Appeal –

The Burning Platform –

The Freedom Articles –

The Last American Vagabond –

The Vaccine Reaction –

True Pundit – –

U.S. Right to Know –

Vaxxter –

Vernon Coleman –

Volatility –

Winter Watch –

ZeroHedge News –