Video, Bio, Transcript of Edwin Vieira PhD JD on Election 2020 Fraud and What Giuliani Is NOT Doing ~ Criminal Conspiracy Instead of Civil Actions

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A bio of Edwin Vieira and a full transcript, complete with timestamps, is provided below the video on Public Intelligence Blog.


Excerpt of Bio:

Edwin Vieira, Jr., holds four degrees from Harvard: A.B. (Harvard College), A.M. and Ph.D. (Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and J.D. (Harvard Law School). For more than thirty years he has practiced law, with emphasis on constitutional issues. He is also one of our country’s most eminent constitutional attorneys, having brought four cases that were accepted by the supreme Court and having won three of them.


Transcript of First 3 Minutes of Video (Teaser)

This is intentional behavior to deceive and falsify the record in one way or another. Preventing ballots from being counted, counting false ballots, manipulating the statistical figures that you turn out, whatever it may be. So this thing is a criminal case. And it’s amazing to me that it hasn’t been handled as a criminal case to begin with.

AOC is telling us they’re going to draw up lists of enemies of the people. Any prominent person who supported Trump is going to be on AOC’s list. Well, now you’re talking about Neo-Bolshevism. Right? That’s exactly what the Bolshevicks, well that’s exactly what the Nazis did, that’s exactly what any totalitarian government does when it gets into power. It draws up a list of its enemies, and then does bad things to them. So are we hearing this? So you see, this isn’t simply a matter of the Nixon Kennedy problem, the abstract problem of Oh, my gosh, we’ll have an illegitimate person in as president because he didn’t really win the vote. Here, we’re going to have an illegitimate person in as  president, whose supporters are all demanding Bolshevik purges.

And you will see even worse from the media. And you will see worse from Big Tech, Big Tech is certainly not going to be reined in, in terms of its censorship, and its manipulation, by a Harris-Biden administration. It will be exactly the opposite. Same with the Big Media. If the systems of due process which already exist, can be thwarted, not just circumvented, because normal vote fraud is circumvention that’s done secretly, and you really are supposed to never find out about it.

This is, as I said before, in your face, there’s no, they predicted this was going to happen. They did it. And they’re now saying, too bad for you. We got away with it. Now, what is the due process system for dealing with that, when the people who got away with it then end up in control of the highest offices in the country? So there is no constitutional method specified for throwing these people out if they get away with fraud, and nobody, the judiciary, the Congress, the state legislatures, if they are all thwarted in overturning this criminal result. There is no due process provision in the constitution for dealing with it. There’s a due process provision in the Declaration of Independence for dealing with it. But see, we go to a different we go to a different level of law here.

Is it really that much in their interest in the short term to create this situation, in which all constitutional bets are now off? Where do those situations generally lead? They lead to some kind of political slash social slash economic crisis, in which there is a real honest-to-God coup by the military. The military steps in to restore order. Usually temporarily, right? That’s always their story, we’ll just do it for a while. And then they never leave. And that’s the danger here. These people have played with fire, because they’ve undercut the legitimacy of the entire bloody system.



BREAKING: Federal Election Commission Chair Calls Election ‘Illegitimate’ Due To Voter Fraud

Source:  National File ~ Nov 12, 2020     (Click for full story.)

“The law is not being followed, making this an illegitimate election.”

Trey Trainor, the Chairman of the Federal Election, stated during an appearance on Newsmax this Thursday that he “does believe there’s voter fraud taking place,” and confirmed that the refusal to allow poll watchers to observe the ballot counting process – among numerous other irregularities – does indeed constitute an “illegitimate election.”

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Sidney Powell: “We’ve Identified 450,000 Ballots that Miraculously ONLY have a Vote for Joe Biden”

Nov 8, 2020

Sidney Powell Drops a BOMB on Sunday Morning Futures.


“There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from we the people of the United States of America, to de-legitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump, to manufacture votes for Joe Biden.  

“They have done it in every way imaginable, from having dead people vote in massive numbers to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only voting for Biden.  We’ve identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden on them, and no other candidate.  If you look at Florida where things were done right, you can see that that’s how the rest of the country should have gone.  But they also used an algorithm to calculate the votes they would need to flip, and they used computers to flip those votes from Trump to Biden, and from other Republican candidates to their competitors also.  I think Doug Collins had the race stolen from him.  I think John James had his race stolen from him.  It wasn’t just President Trump.  There were many people affected by this.  We have got to fight tooth and nail in federal court to expose this abject fraud and the conspiracy behind it and get a recount and audits in every place it’s needed, which is frankly most of the country.”



Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff Is Chief Executive and Dianne Feinstein’s Husband a Shareholder at Dominion

Nov 8, 2020

High likelihood that Dominion vote tabulating system was used for extensive vote flipping in favor of Joe Biden and down-ticket Democrats




Sidney Powell: Dominion Voting System Designed for Election Fraud

Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 9.20.04 AM—Sunday-Morning-Futures—Fox-News—November-15,-2020:5


Sidney Powell: CIA May have Used Dominion for Its Own Benefit – Haspel Should be Fired Immediately




Sidney Powell: “Tons of evidence hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded”


The Affidavit: Sidney Powell With Lou Dobbs

Nov 16, 2020

Sidney Powell reads from affidavit of military insider describing features of SmartMatic vote tabulation software, including ability to change individual votes without tracking, and ability to change large quantities of votes.

Lou Dobbs reports that the FBI is now investigating SmartMatic software election fraud, which is not limited to Dominion Voting Systems, but is used by all electronic voting tabulation systems. 


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