Federal Court Allows Hidden Cameras On Your Property - No Warrant


How To Evade the Surveillance Dragnet

You have limited options, but they are somewhat effective.

Install and transition to as many as possible of the alternative non-proprietary software packages listed on Prism-Break, which suggests alternatives for operating systems, web browsers, browser add-ons, search tools, maps, email, email clients, email encryption, instant messaging, video conferencing, VOIP, social networking, cloud storage, document collaboration, media publishing, online transactions, VPN clients, web analytics, DNS providers, anonymizing networks, meshnet, XMPP servers, and SIP servers.

Also check out PrivacyTools.io

Implement Surveillance Self Defense as outlined by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Transition as much of your internet activity as possible to the new encrypted private internet provided by Project XIII.

Use the Silent Circle suite of programs and other suggestions detailed here.

If you are using Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari, Big Brother is watching you.  Prism-Break recommends using a combination of a TOR browser and another web browser for all of your internet surfing (Mozilla Firefox, GNUzilla IceCat, or IceWeasel).  There is even a TOR browser for Android, Orbot.

Also on Prism-Break, check out the Android alternatives to Google Play and Google Android, F-Droid, Replicant, and CyanogenMod.

For all of your internet searches, avoid Google, Yahoo, or Bing and instead use Startpage or DuckDuckGo or YaCy or Seeks Project.  With StartPage, you get Google technology with European privacy standards — your IP address is masked.  YaCy and Seeks Project both use peer-to-peer technology for great privacy, and will improve as more people use them.  DuckDuckGo uses other search engines as described in detail on Prism-Break.

Here is an article on TOR Search for private searching of the deep web.

There are alternatives to Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Microsoft Outlook/Exchange.  I haven’t tried these yet, but there are four basic options listed on Prism-Break, and there’s Kolab software for running your own mail server for total control, and then there’s a messaging package that uses the same extreme encryption P2P technology as Bitcoin, called Bitmessage.

There is one phone company, US West, whose CEO went to jail for 4 years because he wouldn’t comply with NSA surveillance requests, so that one would be good to support.

There are also 5 different email encryption packages, plus an OpenPGP for Android.

There are 8 different alternatives for email clients (to replace MS Outlook, Apple OS X Mail, IBM Notes and Novell Groupwise), and there is also an encrypted email client for Android.

Prism-Break links to a guide to encrypting your email and an explanation of the differences between Mozilla Thunderbird and Icedove.

In addition to Bitmessage, there are several options for instant messaging, a couple IRC/XMPP chat clients, 4 secure chat programs for Android, and there’s even one for Apple IOS, ChatSecure.

Replacements for Skype include Jitsi, Sifonr, and MumbleProject XIII will also provide totally encrypted P2P video calls.

Prism-Break lists several replacements for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, and I’ve never heard of any of them.  Project XIII will provide totally encrypted peer-to-peer social networking, photo sharing, instant messaging, and more.

If you’re tired of YouTube censoring your videos or messing with your view counts, check out the alternatives for photo and video hosting, also detailed on Prism-Break.

Also see this book:  Cypherpunks:  Freedom and the Future of the Internet by Julian Assange, Jacob Appelbaum, Andy Muller-Maguhn, and Jeremie Zimmermann.  And search for other writings by those authors for updated tips and information.


And finally, if you really don’t want Big Brother watching you, unplug from the matrix entirely. 

  • Do not use the internet from your own home.
  • If you must access the internet, go to an anonymous internet cafe and pay in cash.
  • Ditch your GPS device.
  • Use disposable cell phones and get a new phone and new number every month.  Keep the GPS location option turned off.  Set the phone camera to not embed GPS or other information in your photos.
  • Communicate with friends and family via old-fashioned postal mail (the outside of the envelopes are photographed and stored).
  • Use cash for all purchases and don’t use a bank; get rid of credit and debit cards, or limit their use.
  • Do not shop online except with merchants that accept Bitcoin; transition to alternative currencies such as Bitcoin.
  • Find a doctor who doesn’t submit your medical records to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB).
  • Find an independent pharmacy that doesn’t submit your drug prescription info to the MIB.
  • If you want to rent a movie on DVD, do it at an independent video store, not a major chain.
  • Shop at independent bookstores, and pay in cash.
  • You can visit a library, but don’t check anything out.
  • Your TV is watching you, and the NSA knows which shows you are watching and recording, so that’s gotta go.
  • No electronic bus passes — they have RFID chips that track you.
  • Newer passports have RFID chips — leave them in your hotel safety deposit box, or wrap them in RFID-scanner-blocking wallets.
  • If you buy a car that has the “OnStar” system or a “black box,” have it removed.
  • Do not allow installation of a SMART meter by your electric company — they have technology for identifying exactly what appliances you use, and when.
  • If you purchase a new major appliance such as a refrigerator, washer/dryer, or dishwasher, have a technician remove the transmitter that talks to the SMART meter.


Mosquito Surveillance Drone


For Those Who Think They Have Nothing To Hide

Most people think the federal government would have no interest in them, but many discover to their horror how wrong they are.  By Scott Shackford at reason.com.


Psychic Self Defense

In this update Julian Wells and Chris Hales are joined by Andrew Bartzis to discuss a topic mentioned in his recent interviews on the Walking in Energy and The Transitioning shows, that the PTW are aggressively using telepaths operating as remote observers and influencers to reinforce the disruption and disinformation campaigns they are running and are also using entities called etheric fleas and etheric parasites to negatively affect and control individuals in conjunction with the “troll” program.

Andrew states that a plan exists to flood the Internet with these technologies on June 21st 2013. Forums and Skype rooms could be badly affected and disrupted. Defending yourself against these attacks is relatively straight forward and is explained in detail by Andrew.

Please pass this link on to anyone who will resonate. These psychic technologies and programs are truly disgusting and have been used against us for decades. The more people who have this information and act on it, the less effect these disgusting programs will have on The One People from this point forward.