The Healthy American

Peggy Hall is the founder of The Healthy American. With a background in health, politics, education and activism, Peggy is a frontline freedom fighter who has been instrumental in overturning mask mandates, getting “wash your hands” highway signs removed, and spearheading mask-free shopping, working, and living.

Millions of freedom-loving people are learning from Peggy’s educational videos, extensive research, and preparation of legal documents, notices, and letters that inform public servants, schools, and business owners what the law does — and does not — allow, and what to do about it.

Standing for Truth and Freedom

At The Healthy American, we educate, inform and inspire positive action as we fight for truth and freedom!

We provide PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS, personal advocacy and consulting to help you:

  • Understand the laws affecting businesses, schools, travel, employees, medical

  • Shop, work, travel and live mask-free

  • Keep your business open

  • Navigate public, private or home school environments


Mission Statement

To educate, inform and inspire others to take positive action to defend our God-given rights as protected by the Constitution. We fight tyranny by promoting and defending truth and freedom for all.


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Join our Local MEET UP Groups!

Hop on board as we create new local communities that value life, liberty, truth, and freedom! Connect with others face-fo-face (no masks needed!) in your local areas to get support for shopping, homeschooling, medical care, gardening, professional services, and more! No need to stay under the thumb of oppressive government. Let’s set sail in a new direction, with smoother sailing and brighter days ahead!

Find your state in the list and click on the link to set up an account.  After the 14 day free trial, there is a $7.00/month fee. The fee covers the cost of the Meetup platform as well as administrative costs, keeps the group more private, and you will receive a special monthly video/seminar from Peggy Hall for Meetup members only!