Minnesota Lawmakers Call for Nationwide Audit of COVID-19 Deaths

Newsbud ~ Dec 30, 2020

Minnesota Lawmakers reviewed 2,800 death certificates counted as COVID-19 deaths and found that 800 out of 2,800 did not actually have COVID-19 as an underlying cause of death.  Causes of deaths wrongly counted as COVID-19 included strokes, dementia, suicides, car accidents, and a drowning, among others.


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How Dangerous Is COVID-19?
Numbers, Data, Facts


The whole reason for the lockdown was to “flatten the curve” of how fast the “virus” moved through the population so as to avoid overwhelming hospitals because there weren’t enough ventilators on hand if too many people needed them at once.

Now it has been shown that:

  1. The models were wrong, and the predicted infection rates and hundreds of thousands of deaths never materialized.
  2. Ventilators are the wrong treatment, and are killing people rather than saving them, so we don’t need to worry about not having enough ventilators.

Further, the goal-post has been moved, and rather than “flattening the curve” we are now going to allow armies of contact tracing investigators to try and smash the curve and attempt to prevent any transmissions at all.  This is an extreme approach for a disease that is much less lethal than models showed, and does not truly constitute a pandemic.  If we allowed the flu to move through the population naturally, we could achieve herd immunity long before proper testing of a vaccine, which will most likely be unsafe (due to rush to market without proper long-term testing of a completely new type of vaccine) and ineffective (because COVID-19 has already mutated to 30 different strains).




At first, Fauci and the WHO were using models to estimate cases in the USA, and we had no data, so we went with their models as a basis for going into lockdown.  Then when the numbers didn’t materialize, they didn’t lift the lockdown.  Why not?  Maybe it’s not about the virus.

Models vs Actual Data

Dr Dan Erickson and Dr Artin Massihi, co-owners of Accelerated Urgent Care, which offers Bakersfield’s only private walk-in COVID-19 testing site, held a press conference on April 22 to report their conclusions about COVID-19 test results.  For California, the doctors used their own data gathered from tests done in their seven clinics located from Fresno to San Diego.  For New York, the USA, and other countries, they used data published on official websites.  Erickson and Massihi calculated that 12% of Californians tested so far have tested positive. Extrapolating that to the entire state, they estimated that as many as 5 million Californians have likely contracted the virus. They then used the total number of COVID-19 deaths statewide (roughly 1,200, as of last week) to calculate a death rate of just 0.03%similar to the average death rate from seasonal flu.  96% of people who tested positive in California recovered without having to be hospitalized or put on a ventilator.  In New York, 39% of all tests were positive (256,272 positive out of 649,325 tests), and there were 19,410 deaths out of 19 million people, so doing the math with total death count and total population, New York has a 0.1% death rate and a 92% non-hospitalized recovery rate.

For the entire USA, the totals are 802,590 people tested positive out of over 4 million tested, and 43,545 died.  That means an extrapolated 19.6% of the USA population would test positive, and when they extrapolated out to 328 million people, that would be 64 million people testing positive for COVID-19, and 43,545 deaths nationwide, which is in line with annual death rates from the seasonal flu.  Seasonal flu death rates range between 37,000 to 60,000 every year.

Drs Erickson and Massihi went on to report statistics from Spain in comparison with the USA because of high death counts.  Spain had 22% of all tests return positive, so out of 47 million total population, that extrapolates to about 10 million positive cases of COVID-19.  Spain had 21,282 deaths out of 47 million people, which is a death rate of 0.05%.  And they had a 90% chance of recovering without hospitalization.  Again, millions of cases and very small percentage of cases dying.

Dr. Erickson also compared the numbers between Sweden and Norway, because they are similar cultures, but Norway had lockdown and Sweden did not.  Again, he found widespread infection rates and low death rates.  You can hear all the statistics in the full video.  The doctors stated that in all states and countries they looked at, they see millions of cases and low death rates.  And that now that we have data from the past couple months, we know the lethality projection models were wrong, and lockdown is no longer necessary, and that wearing gloves and masks does not benefit healthy people.  (YouTube censored this video because it contradicts the government-sanctioned position on the lethality of and the public health protocol for COVID-19.)



Antibody Test Results vs RT-PCR Test Results

Dr Jay Bhattacharya and Dr Eran Bendavid of Stanford University did antibody testing rather than RT-PCR testing for COVID-19 in a large sample size in California.  Here are two more doctors who gathered their own data and analyzed it.  Here’s what they found.

“Projections of the death toll could plausibly be orders of magnitude too high.”

Uncommon Knowledge ~ Questioning Conventional Wisdom with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya

‘Is the Coronavirus as Deadly as They Say?’ ~ Professors say still more data needed to know mortality rate

Recorded March 27, 2020:

Study in Santa Clara County, California Reveals COVID-19 Much Less Lethal Than Feared

Dr John P.A. Ioannidis of Stanford University is another doctor who gathered his own data.  Here he announces results of his study.

Dr John Ioannidis ~ Full Presentation


Natural Immunity

If we shortly want to come to the subject of immunity, then we must simply – I try to make this as short and simple as possible – we must realize that only the antibodies in the blood are mensurable in this context. But the usually put testing systems don‘t allow necessarily a statement on the fact, if the regarding person is protected, that is if these are neutralizing antibodies or if with this the transmission of the pathogen can be avoided. The whole immunity is always based on several pillars, and this includes for example also the specific cells, the so-called killer cells, this includes also antibodies on the mucosa etc. But these parts of the body‘s defences are not measurable with the routine methods. From this it

follows that persons with verifiable antibodies are not always necessarily protected and on the other side that those who have no verifiable antibodies are not necessarily unprotected, and this is important to know. We have certain knowledges and we can formulate certain hypotheses. We know that persons who have undergone a hard illness have often a higher concentration of antibodies and these continue longer. We know that children are confronted for years again and again with Corona viruses of different sort, this is what is often associated with the cold in the cold season. Eventually there is a so-called cross protection, that is the antibodies against the old Corona viruses are effective partly also against the new Sars-CoV V2.



Doctors Pressured by the CDC to Count Deaths as COVID-19

Then we find out that deaths from all kinds of other conditions are being counted as deaths from coronavirus.  



“You can’t have a true case fatality rate without testing massive numbers of people.”



Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai — WHO created two codes for COVID-19, one for died of coronavirus, one for has symptoms of coronavirus, counts are being blurred together.  Doctors are being pressured to “cook the books”


Michael Lanza, Funeral Home Director, Queens, NY — COVID-19 on all Death Certificates


ER doctors Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi from Kern County, California, reporting doctors being told to put COVID-19 on death certificates

CDC created 2 codes:
U07.1 = covid-19 confirmed by laboratory test
U07.2 = covid-19 probable or presumed
They are counting all COVID-19 Death Certificate entries as U07.1, so there is no way to know how many should have been U07.2, or how many died of cancer or heart disease or diabetes or kidney disease, and caught coronavirus while they were already dying, and still got counted in coronavirus deaths, per the WHO and CDC and Dr Birx.


COVID-19 Death Manipulation Explained






Most People Declared Dead of COVID-19 Were Already Dying of Something Else

As US coronavirus death toll mounts, so does the belief by some that it is exaggerated

Colorado man died of alcohol poisoning, but death was later blamed on coronavirus


Italian Study Reports Over 99% of Dead Were Already Dying of Something Other Than COVID-19

Co-morbidities included most major diseases, such as heart problems, cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.  It’s in Italian, but scroll down to Table 1 on page 3 and look at the 4 lines in the box at bottom.  Only 0.8% died purely of coronavirus.  Over 99% of people who died were already dying of something else, and almost 50% had at least 3 other diseases.  If you want to read the rest of the report, cut and paste phrases into google translate.








The models predicted much higher numbers of cases and deaths, and in spite of those numbers not materializingthe mainstream media has been banging the drum of fear, fear, fear, morning noon and night. Yet the numbers are low.  






Former Chief Scientist reveals coronavirus “is going on all around us” and most people have no idea they were infected


WHO: IFR is 0.13%
In a briefing on October 5, 2020, the WHO assumes that 10% of the world population is infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. [7] With 7.8 billion people on earth and currently around 1.044 million deaths, this results in an IFR (Infection Fatality Rate) of 0.13%. So it is in the range of the IFR of a normal flu season. Needless to say, this is why such measures have never been considered.


Surgeon General Jerome Adams Drops Gates and WHO Model in Favor of “Real Data”





Updates from Dr Jay Bhattacharya

Recorded April 17, 2020


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Recorded May 8, 2020



Updates from Dr John Ioannidis

March 17, 2020
“The data collected so far on how many people are infected and how the epidemic is evolving are utterly unreliable.”
March 26, 2020