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Andrew Bartzis, our Galactic Historian, was interviewed by Lance White (aka the Zany Mystic) and David Waterfall during the Summer Solstice of 2013.  These interviews took place at the base of Mt. Shasta, and the mountain anchored the space for these interviews to be completed with clarity and energetic transmissions intact.

I have just added a link to a playlist of 20 Galactic History interviews conducted by Lance White, the Zany Mystic, to my page on How We Really Got Here ~ Beyond Hidden History.

Coming soon are interviews by David Waterfall and transcripts of all interviews.  Enjoy!


Mt. Shasta w Pink-Orange Sunset


Wow, this is a wild ride through secret funding of Black Ops Projects, Project Hammer (which brought down the USSR), money laundering, illegal bonds and securities trading, drug money, connections to the Iran/Contra money laundering scandal….   LOTS of info, and if you are a 9/11 or financial corruption researcher, you’ll want to take notes!

9/11 ~ Follow The Money

The Project XIII app for iPhone and iPad was recently released for download in the iTunes app store.

The Project XIII app for Windows Phone 8 was released in August 2013, and a Silverlight version for PC and MAC desktops is expected in late September or early October.

The intention of this program is to offer a completely encrypted replacement for Facebook.  When you make a post available to you and your friends, it really will be available ONLY to you and your friends, and not Facebook admins, tech support, the NSA, FBI, and CIA.  Your data will not even be available to Project XIII admins, so you MUST remember your password.  If you lose it, they have no way of retrieving it for you.  The upside to this is that if the NSA presents them with a “security letter” demanding access to your data, they don’t have any data to hand over.  See this page for more detail about Project XIII and the data privacy philosophy.


Project 13 iPhone screenshot


The app is free for 60 days, and 99 cents a month thereafter to cover network expenses and new development.  You will need to tell others your ID to allow them to add you as friends.  But that’s just a matter of an email or telephone call.

This first release offers the basics of social networking, including mass posts to friends, private instant messaging, photo sharing, and event scheduling with invitation and RSVP functions.  Groups functionality may already be included — I don’t have an iPhone so I haven’t seen all the features yet.

Functionality intended for future releases will include VOIP for truly encrypted phone calls, a video-call replacement for Skype, and some sort of exchange for value functionality that will work with a new currency beyond paper money, silver and gold, or Bitcoin, in support of the transition to the economy of the future.

Here is a quick tour of the app by Caleb Skinner, visionary and lead developer.  This demo was done on the Windows Phone.



The chemical weapons were sent to Syrian Rebel forces from Saudi Arabia, and the rebels didn’t know what they were, and accidentally set them off, killing 12 members of the rebel forces and spreading the gas in their own neighborhood.

Reported by Yahya Ababneh


From Storm Clouds Gathering
Sep 3, 2013

Oil and Gasfields in Syria


It is unfortunate that the writer lumps all Jewish people in with the Global Elites, which is completely inaccurate.  But the overall point of the article is true:  the only ones who want this war are the Bloodline Illuminati Cabal families who stand to profit from it.  The masses of people on this planet, including Syrians, Jews, Muslims, Christians, and all the rest of us peasants, are pushed around like pieces on a game board for profit and empire, and we’ve had enough of the war games.  The people don’t want war.  Look closely at the motives of anyone who does, and follow the money.



1. Syria does not have a Rothschild Central Bank
2. Syria has no debt to the IMF
3. Syria has a ban on GMO’s
4. Syria’ State Media does not shy away from Conspiracy analysis
5. Syria has natural gas and plans to use pipelines
6. Syria opposes Rothschild Zionism
7. Syria is the last Secular country in the Middle East
8. Syria has a strong National Identity

By Jim Stone, August 25 2013

It is obvious that the gas attacks were staged, if they were real at all. There is a good reason to believe the attacks did not happen at all, and were just another Sandy Hook psy op. This is because the perpetrators released the photos of the attack the day before it happened. This got noticed by many publications. And if the photos were released ahead of schedule, this is virtually assured to just be another case of canned news. In fact, the boondoggle is so bad it did not make it to the Mexican press which is always jumping on the latest way to back stab arabs.

I do not believe the attacks happened at all myself and that we saw footage of an entirely different atrocity – perhaps shot when the rebels captured some legitimate syrians and gassed them to test their ordnance. That would provide a perfect chance for a photo op and I would like to ask, since the photos are unique as far as I know, where else would they have come from to be released ahead of schedule?

The world has to stand up to the Zionazi/American assaults of this type and say HELL NO, we are NOT going to go for this, you CANNOT continue to stage your B.S. and subsequently punish the innocent. Here we have Israel nuking Syria left and right now because people are tolerating it all the while the zionist hijacked America plays the willing accomplice and provides full support. It’s time for this to stop, because if this road to tyranny does not end in Damascus the Jewish community will continue to push until it circles the globe. It is time to show the criminal establishment the end of the road.

The ability to run criminal operations from the status of government does not make the crimes committed legitimate, if the strong powers of this world do not stand up for the weak and help them overcome the tyrannical forces attempting to swallow everything, the strong will deserve to eventually be devoured along with the weak they failed to protect, and will be.






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