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Breaking News!!!

Keshe Foundation has released Free Energy patents to the people of the world.  This is huge!!!

Project Camelot Interviews M.T. Keshe - Death Threats and Free Energy

Because of threats to his life, to members of his family, and to key members of his science team and their families, and to prevent suppression of his technology, Mehran T. Keshe, the founder of the Keshe Foundation, has released all of their patents to the people of the planet.

This document release and patent release is a wild turn of events, because up to this time, the Keshe Foundation was trying to work with governments to release technology in a controlled way that would not topple Big Oil, electric companies, and other industries.  Now they are just trying to keep their technology from being suppressed by releasing it freely.

Taiwanese Group Releases Full Contents of USB Stick ~ Please Download and Share Widely!!!

Rumor Mill News ~ Taiwanese Keshe Group Releases Full Contents of USB Stick

M.T. Keshe Under Threat ~
Releases Patents to the People of the World

Project Camelot blog post ~ Keshe Under Threat

Many things are included in the patents, including free energy technology, healing systems that can cure cancer, space travel technology, transporter technology, and more.  One of the things mentioned in one of the recent interviews is that Keshe has nanotechnology that can be used to clean up the radiation at Fukushima!

There is a document included which is a sort of peace treaty, but I don’t want to sign on to it because it has wording that feels like signing away individual sovereignty.  I can work for peace without signing that document.


Download Files


Here’s a link for the complete set of released documents (1.27 GB)

Here is an alternate, very fast, no sign-in required download link for Keshe USB stick data:

Here is an alternate (and easier-to-deal-with) .iso file of the USB key information containing website info from Keshe that was just released…

The released documents in different languages:

17 folders:!137&ithint=folder,.rar&authkey=!AFAmO1xmRy2YY2Y

Help for opening and using the 17 folders:

One big file:!zIQDRaIS!Ep0gUiCPx7kZ9HUTPW3nvCSzjnXx4N4rQUDvAiAyfQQ

Link to app to open the “One big file”:


Background Material

The Keshe Foundation website has been compromised.

Some of the material from Keshe’s website has been reposted by scientist Sterling D. Alan here.

Report from Sterling Alan regarding the Keshe products.


Another Recent Interview with Keshe

Here is another interview in which Keshe names names on who has been threatening and assassinating scientists and suppressing technology, and he calls for the arrest of the King of Belgium and one particular police officer who has been running the assassination forces under protection of the King.  This livestream announcement was simultaneously translated into Chinese, Arabic, and many other languages real-time, and additional translations will follow, both of the announcements and of the patent release documents.

The interview is mostly not scientific technical information, but a long and detailed rant about the multiple attempts on his life and actual assassinations and disappearances of other scientists, and a plea to the people of the world to have Interpol make arrests.



This month there were several huge news releases related to Free Energy Technology.

The Quantum Energy Generator is under development by Hopegirl’s Fix The World Project.  Schematics and blueprints will be released under Open Source patents, and training to build the generators in small-scale cottage industry workshops will be offered around the world, as fast as can be organized.
Quantum Energy Generator Revealed!!!

HopeGirl Speaking for Fix The World Project about the QEG


Quantum Energy Generator System Description and Schematics

Quantum Energy Generator New Paradigm Distribution Guidelines

HopeGirl’s Blog ~ QEG Documents, Open Sourced
MISSION I’M POSSIBLE with HopeGirl, Ralph and Marsha Ring, Vossa, and 3D Printing Network


Ralph and Marsha Ring ~ Antigravity and Conscious Awareness in Aether Technology





Alice Pulling Curtain Back on Matrix ~ I'm Trying to Free Your Mind, But I Can Only Show You the Door - You Have to Walk Through It

Announcing updates to Take the Red Pill ~ Search Out the Truth.

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