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  • Pesticides, Defoliants, Toxins, and Chemical Weapons
  • Genetically Modified Organisms


Radiation From Nuclear Weapons

US Used Depleted Uranium in Iraq

Dr. Helen Caldicott stated that 80% of the babies born in Fallujah, Iraq since the US attacks are being born with gross deformities, such that the doctors have told the women to stop having babies.  The photos are horrifying and I don’t want to post them, but you can find them if you search google images for “Fallujah deformities”.  Here are some articles.  Warning:  some of them do have disturbing photos.

The Children of Fallujah:  Hospital of Horrors

Iraqi Birth Defects Worse Than Hiroshima

The Curse of Fallujah:  Women Warned Not to Have Babies Because of Rise in Birth Defects Since US Assault

Study:  Half of Fallujah’s Babies Born Deformed, 45% Miscarriage Rate — US Weapons Blamed

Did the US Cause Fallujah’s Birth Defects?


US Detonated Nuclear Weapons in Iraq


Residual Radiation in US from Nuclear Weapons Testing



Radiation From Nuclear Power Plants

Dr. Leuren Moret ~ Nuclear Radiation Disaster
At 1:48 into this video, Dr. Moret shows a map of breast cancer in the United States, and correlates it to the locations of nuclear power plants.  Later in the video, she also correlates autism to locations of nuclear power plants.


Radiation From the Chernobyl Meltdown

New York Academy of Sciences ~ Chernobyl:  Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment

Note:  The full text of the above document has been pulled from the website, but you might be able to find it using Internet Archives or the Wayback Machine.

Near one million people had already died as a result of Chernobyl as of the time the report was published in December, 2009.

Radiation From the Fukushima Meltdown

Dr. Helen Caldicott Speaking About the Fukushima Meltdown


Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Plant Hi-Res Photos

EPA Finds Radiation In Milk ABOVE EPA Limits And In Drinking Water In 13 US Cities

Fukushima Disaster Radiation Spreading Globally

Do Not Eat Any Fish/Seafood From the Pacific Ocean ~ All Test Radioactive


How You Can Help

Get Educated:  Subscribe to Arnie Gundersen‘s newsletter at Fairewinds.org

Demand a Team of International Experts and Emergency Funding to Prevent Fukushima from Melting Through the Surface of the Planet

Meditate and Pray:  White Light Love Protection for Fukushima


Resources for Local Radiation Monitoring

USA ~ Radiation Network ~ This is independent citizen-reported geiger counter data.

EnviroReporter Charts of EPA RadNet Air Monitoring Data.

EnviroReporter ~ These are independent citizen-operated livestream geiger counters.

EnviroReporter ~ Glendale, California     Livestream

EnviroReporter ~ Pacifica, California     Livestream

EnviroReporter ~ Santa Monica, California     Livestream

EnviroReporter ~ Simi Valley, California

EnviroReporter ~ Ventura, California

EnviroReporter ~ Harrisburg, North Carolina     YouTube Channel

EnviroReporter ~ Sunshine Coast, Australia     Monitoring Station

Black Cat Systems Radiation Monitoring

This site has maps for World, USA, Japan, Tokyo, Europe, and Oceania.


Electro-Magnetic Frequency Radiation (EMF)

EMF Safety Zone ~ YouTube Channel

Cell Phones Proven to Cause Brain Tumors

Never hold the phone to your head.  Use earbuds or bluetooth or the speakerphone.

Wifi ~ Disable the Wifi on your router and use Ethernet cables.

WiMAX ~ Organize your community against installing WiMAX, or move out of  the community for your own health and safety.

SMART Meters ~ Just Say No.

Cordless Phones, Wireless Keyboards, Wireless Mice — Get rid of them and get ones with cords.  There is one model of cordless phone that doesn’t emit radiation while the phone is resting securely on the base station.  See EMF Safety Zone for recommendation on a relatively safe cordless phone.

Microwave Ovens ~ Proven so unsafe that they are banned in Russia.



Some articles on HAARP.

This section still under construction.



Chemtrails are now covered on a separate page.


Oil, Gas and Coal

The Gulf Oil Spill and Corexit

Tar Sands Oil Spills

Tar Sands Pipeline Rupture Destroys Arkansas Neighborhood


Energy from Tar Sands - Polluted Land and Water - Energy from Solar Arrays - Clean



Fracking Explained in Two Minutes

Fracking Explained

Josh Fox ~ Gasland ~ Trailer ~ Extended Trailer

Josh Fox ~ Gasland II ~ Trailer


Cheney gets Fracking Exempt From Clean Air Act and Safe Drinking Water Act then Tells Us It's Safe




Pesticides, Toxins, Defoliants and Chemical Weapons


Mercury and Fluoride

Lead, Asbestos and PCBs

Roundup, 2-4D and Agent Orange

Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals in our Water Supply


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Genetically Modified Plants

Genetically Modified Animals

Death of the Bees:  Colony Collapse

Destruction of the Food Chain