Anastasia Book Cover

Anastasia Kins Domains

The Anastasia book series swept into the consciousness of people all over the world, with a remembering of our natural connection to our planet and a blueprint for small family farms that can be self-sustaining.

Anastasia ~ The Ringing Cedars of Russia ~ Book Series

There are now Kin Domain Eco Communities springing up all over the world.  Search for “Anastasia Kin Domain” and your state, province, or country to see where people are already building near you.  Here is one list:

Sustainable Eco Villages

Here is one organization building an entire community.  The problem with this organization is that it is still working within the old paradigm of production-for-profit and people renting themselves out for money-per-hour.  But at least it is creating a transitional stepping-stone towards building new communities.


A Kin Domain is a small family farm designed to feed and support the people living on that land.  Of course, designs have to be customized based on climate and terrain, but there are basic elements included in all designs, such as herb gardens and kitchen vegetable gardens near the main house, larger vegetable gardens growing food to trade, grain fields, chicken coops, bee hives, fish ponds, berry bushes, fruit forests, wood forests, and many other elements that support people to live well.


Here are several Kin Domain layouts:

Anastasia Kins Domain Layout b


Anastasia Kins Domain Layout


Anastasia Kins Domain Layout c


Anastasia Kin Domain - Dan


And here are some Kins Domains realized:

Anastasia Kin Domain - Nieuws Rivendell Village


Anastasia Kin Domain - Julia


Anastasia Kin Domain - 150 Acres


Anastasia Kin Domain - Julia Kitchen Garden


Anastasia Kin Domain - Near Small River


Anastasia Kin Domain - Kitartas