The Matrix~ the Cage We’ve Been Living In

We, the people of this planet, have been controlled for millenia, through war and empire, genocide and ethnic cleansing, slavery, control of money, control of resources, trade and economies, property ownership and confiscation, corrupt laws and courts, rape and pillage, suppression of women, suppression of sexuality, suppression of spirituality and personal creative power, elimination of culture, history, rituals and oral traditions, imposition of religions, suppression of dreamtime and consciousness, suppression of literacy, censorship and propaganda, disinformation, bread and circuses, outright mind control, and finally, poisoning of our air, water, food and medicine.

We can’t dismantle the cage until we can see it, so on most of the pages of this site, we first look at where we are and how we got here (the structure of the cage), then look at what we can do to resist the systems, and then how to change or replace them entirely.


The Spiderweb of Control


Waking From Denial ~ The Cabal Controls Everything

At first, people tend to experience shock at the enormity of the domination and control of almost every aspect of our lives.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed, feel that there is nothing you can do, and try to go back to “not knowing,” attempting to live your life as though everything were the same as it had always been.  Trouble is, it IS the same as it has always been, and we the people have ALWAYS been enslaved by the cabal, at least since the first Egyptian Empire in 2400 B.C.

It takes looking honestly at the problems to begin to get creative about solutions.  So, take a deep breath, and have a browse over these pages that describe the domination and control in various areas.  It is challenging to break down cabal control into separate areas because the cartels are really all connected as one big corporation, but I’m doing my best to chunk it into bite-sized pieces.  For each area, I then try to provide suggestions for ways to resist, rebel, and assert our free will, and solutions for replacing their systems entirely.

Start with the issue areas that you’re most interested in, or most knowledgeable about, and venture out from there.  And please feel free to send me additional links to relevant material for any category where you know of something I’ve left out, especially grass-roots resistance and replacement solutions.


The Rise of Patrism in Saharasia ~ The Beginning of Patriarchy

War and Empire as a Tool of Control

Slavery as a Tool of Control

Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing as a Tool of Control

Rewriting History as a Tool of Control ~ The Victors Write the History

Erasing Language and Culture as a Tool of Control

The Creation of Money and the Scam of Fractional Reserve Banking

A Series of Central Banks Preceded the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel

Five Presidents Who Tried to Replace Central Banks Were Assassinated
(the Assassination Attempt on Andrew Jackson Failed)

Manufactured Market Crashes as a Tool of Empire Building

Corruption in Markets of Stocks, Bonds, Securities, Commodities and Most Everything Else

Poverty and Debt Slavery as Tools of Control

The IMF and World Bank as Tools of Empire Building

Resource Monopolies as a Tool of Control

The Energy Cartel ~ Owned by the Central Banks

Costs of Energy as a Tool of Control

The Military-Industrial Complex ~ The War-for-Profit Machine

The Military Intelligence Cartel

Surveillance as a Tool of Control

Your TV is Watching You ~ Technology as a Tool of Control

The War on Terror is a Fabrication as an Excuse for War, Surveillance, and Erosion of Civil Liberties

False Flag Terror Attacks as a Pretext for Wars and Empire Building

The Media/Propaganda Cartel

Entertainment as a Tool of Mind Control ~ Creating Mass Hypnosis

Education as a Tool of Indoctrination and Mind Control

CIA Mind-Control Programs ~ Not Just Science Fiction

The Medical/Pharmaceutical Cartel

The Food/Agriculture Cartel ~ Food As a Tool of Control

More Cartels:  Mining, Textiles/Clothing, Housing, Telecommunications, Technology

Government, Political Parties, Regulatory Agencies and Laws as Tools of Control

Politics as a Tool of Control ~ Divide and Conquer

Moral Issues as Political Red Herrings ~ Divide and Distract

Our Elections Are Rigged

Governments Have Been Usurped By Corporations ~ Or Were Always Corporations

Our Government Was Never In Control ~ America Is Still a British Colony

The Entire British Empire Is Owned By the Vatican

Judges, Lawyers, Courts and Jails as Tools of Control

Property, Land Title, Real Estate and Rent as Tools of Control

Illegal Foreclosures of Small Family Farms in America

Illegal Foreclosures of Houses After the 2008 Market Crash

Erosion of Civil Liberties ~ Slipping Towards Fascism

The War on Drugs as a Tool of Control and an Excuse to Curtail Civil Liberties

The Prison-Industrial Complex ~ Onshore Cheap Labor

The CIA, Illegal Drugs and Money Laundering

Religion as a Tool of Control

Suppression and Distortion of Sexuality as a Tool of Control

Pedophilia and Sexual Abuse Within the Catholic Church and Masons

The Porn Industry and Sex Trafficking Cartels 

Suppression and Distortion of Consciousness as a Tool of Control

Suppression and Distortion of Spirituality as a Tool of Control

Toxin-Caused Sickness, Senility and Sterility as Tools of Control

Ten Worst Ways Your Children Are Being Poisoned Right Now

The Infertility Industry

The Weight Loss Industry

The Nursing Home Industry


Control Through Money, Economies, Resource Monopolies, and Property Ownership

Human Farming ~ The Story of Your Enslavement


Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

This is an actual Top Secret document that was found inside a used IBM photocopier sold as scrap from Boeing.  The document is not complete.  What it reveals is that the elite had a plan to intentionally prey on people’s most basic needs to control them.


Free Trade Agreements Have Destroyed the Economies of Latin America


Control Through Religion:  Suppression of Spirituality and Sexuality

Suppression of Women

Matriarchy: The Garden of Eden

Oneness Consciousness Community Living

Aboriginal Tribes Still Living in Harmony with Nature

The Transition from Matriarchy to Patriarchy:  The Rise of Patrism in Saharasia

 (does this correlate with the Kali Yuga, more Yugas?)

The End of Peace and Plenty, the Beginning of War and Property Rights

Suppression of Our Knowledge of Our Innate Co-Creative Power

Suppression of Our Natural Connection to Source

Inserting Intermediaries Between Us and Our Creator

Genocides of the Wise Women and Medicine Men

Suppression of Our Cultural History and Wisdom

Suppression of Our Awareness of Reincarnation

On the Order of Roman Emperor Constantine, All References to Reincarnation Were Deleted From the Bible at the Council of Nicea, 325 A.D.

Control of Sexuality, the Vital Creative Force

Why are Puritans so afraid of sex?  It might lead to dancing!

Redirection of the Male Sexual Urge towards War and Aggression

The Rise and Fall of Empires

Control Through Genocide

Rape as a Tool of War

Hierarchies in Politics and Business

The Resurgence of the Divine Feminine

The Feminist Movement

Pagans Come Out of the Shadows

Men Too Seek Balance

New Spiritual Movement Towards Balance


Control Through Government, Law and Politics

Divide and Conquer

The War on Drugs, Private Prisons, and Prison Labor

The War on Drugs has incarcerated an unprecedented percentage of the American population, disproportionally of black and latino heritage.  These draconian laws have been used to again enslave people whose great-great-grandparents had been set free after the Civil War.

Private Prisons, Cash for Kids, and a Totally Captive Labor Pool!

The Fascist Shift and How To Push Back

Mind-Control and Propaganda

Media Consolidation and Control

Censorship of News and Information

Control Via Rewriting of History to Their Liking

Rebellion to Theft of Our History:  Howard Zinn and other Reconstructionist Historians

Howard Zinn ~ A People’s History of the United States:  1492 to the Present

Howard Zinn ~ A Young People’s History of the United States:  Columbus to the War on Terror

Howard Zinn ~ A People’s History of American Empire (in comic-book form)

Intentional Disinformation

Wikipedia Replaces Paper Encyclopedias:  A Generation Loses Access to Less-Filtered History

False Flag Events ~ Your False Flags Don’t Work Any More:  We Are Awake!

Cabal Control of Hollywood

MK Ultra

The Montauk Project

Control Through Culling the Herd

Poisoning the Food Supply:  Pesticides, Hormones, Antibiotics, GMOs, Aspartame, Saccharin, HFCS, Trans-Fatty Acids, General Lack of Nutrients in Food, Radiation and Pasteurization, Total Removal of Vital Chi from Food

Poisoning the Water:  Fluoride, Pesticide Run-off, Antibiotics and Pharmaceuticals in Water Supplies

Chemtrails:  Limiting Access to Life-Giving and Chi-Giving Sunlight, and contaminating water supplies and farmland with aluminum, barium, and other toxins.

Poisoning the Air:  Smog, Coal Production, Petrochemicals as fuel when we could have had free energy in Tesla’s lifetime, and now Chemtrails

Healthcare that Does Not Heal


Resistance Through the Ages

Resistance to Financial Control

Black Market Trading

Alternative Currencies Through the Ages

Bitcoin and Other Modern Alternative Digital Currencies

FBI Unable to Seize 600,000 Bitcoins From Silk Road Operator

The I-UV Exchange

The Great Boycott ~ Starve the Beast

Resistance to Slavery Systems

The Unionized Labor Movement


Resistance to Legal and Political Control

The Magna Carta

The Declaration of Independence

The One People’s Declaration of Freedom


Tolstoy - Anarchy better than Government


Resistance to Religious Control

Aboriginal and Wise Woman Traditions

The Druids

Resistance to Sexual Control

Resistance to Spiritual Control

Women and Religion

Resistance to Information Control

Traveling Bards

Woodie Guthrie.  The Ludlow Massacre wasn’t covered in history books.  Historian Howard Zinn learned about it through a song by Woodie Guthrie.

The Rise of Independent Journalists, Bloggers, Vloggers and Websites

Social Media as a Source of News

Project XIII Returns Control of Your Data To You  ~  Project XIII Official Website