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Thought-Control and Mind-Control Through the Ages

This page first educates about media control, censorship, propaganda, disinformation, and actual mind control programs run by military intelligence agencies, and then lists lots of alternative sources for real news and ways to free your mind.  Most people are still getting their news from corporate-controlled TV, radio and newspapers.  The real news is not there.  You have to look for it in places that are not controlled by the Cabal.


Single Greatest Tool of Oppression is Ignorance


Early Thought Control

Bread and Circuses:  Caesar controlled Rome by keeping the masses fed and entertained.

Traveling Bards and Minstrels brought news from town to town.  One way to suppress the news was to kill the messenger.


The Few Control the Many by Concealing True History


Modern Message Control

The mainstream media is now micro-managed by shadowy decision-makers at the top of the corporate structures who answer to their shareholders rather than any higher principle of keeping the people informed on important topics relevant to their economic and political landscape.  These are the tactics:

  • Control All Major News Markets
  • Do not publish or air stories damaging to the corporate masters
  • Appear to present both sides of an issue, but present no real alternatives
  • Ridicule as “Conspiracy Theory” any challenges to the official story
  • Censor news and views that do not support the official story
  • Manufacture propaganda that supports the official story
  • Intentionally spread disinformation
  • Silence Dissent and Deter Whistleblowers
  • Assassinate journalists doing real investigative reporting
  • Use Hollywood movies to manufacture public opinion
  • Use all media to keep the masses in a state of fear so they will beg for protection


People Believe What the Media Tells Them They Believe


Media Consolidation and Control

Back in 1983, approximately 50 corporations controlled the vast majority of all news media in the United States.  Today, ownership of the news media has been concentrated in the hands of just six incredibly powerful media corporations:

  • Comcast
  • NewsCorp
  • Viacom
  • Disney
  • Time Warner
  • CBS

They control television, cable TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and movies.  See the percentages.

Media Consolidation 1983 to 2011 -- From 50 Corporations to Just 6 Big Media Monsters


Conan O’Brien Exposes Tactics and Theater of Corporate-Controlled TV “News”
The take-away is that all mainstream news is totally scripted, and networks feed the TV audience (the majority of the population, who don’t read newspapers any more) canned talking points specifically designed to shape public opinion and herd the sheeple.  Think it through a step further:  all sitcoms, morning shows, and TV dramas are screened and censored.  At a minimum, themes are suggested.  At worst, as shown in these clip compilations, entire news stories and “memes of the day” are scripted and spoon-fed to the TV audience, and any dissenting opinions, rebellious thoughts and unapproved story lines are axed.


More Local News Clips Gathered by Conan O’Brien ~ Christmas Edition


More Media Brainwashing
More news clips showing news stations across the country reading from the same scripts.


New York Times Exposes Secret Pentagon Campaign to Broadcast Pro-War Propaganda
Media watchdog organization “Free Press” says the program is “…a violation of every conceivable standard of journalism — and possibly of federal law.”


This Scripted Thought-Control Extends Around the World

Rupert Murdoch’s Media Empire Reaches 3/4 of the World’s Population



Big Media is Most Powerful Entity On Earth - Malcolm X


Distraction:  Failure to Cover the Real News

There are so many important stories that never get covered on 6 ‘clock TV news that it has become almost comical.  It really would be funny if it weren’t that so many people still believe nothing can be true until it has been reported on the mainstream TV news.  Here is a sampling of major topics that don’t get coverage, and what fills the airwaves and newspapers instead:

Lack of Real News on Mainstream Media


Documentary ~ Psywar ~ Excellent documentary on the evolution of propaganda and public relations in the US.  Exposes the propaganda system, providing crucial background and insight into the control of information and thought.

Documentary ~ The Power Principle ~ An excellent non-profit documentary, released online for free.
Part 1:  Empire     Part 2:  Propaganda     Part 3:  Apocalypse

Documentary ~ Mass Media Conspiracy, Lies, Hoaxes, and Manipulation


The False Dichotomy Between Left and Right

Both Sides Support Cabal Objectives

Genuine Alternatives Get No Air Time

Partial Information:  Left and Right Both Pull Their Punches

Jon Stewart got Crossfire taken off the air.  He was invited on the show to promote his new book, and instead, he used the time to criticize the two hosts (representing the Left and Right sides of the political spectrum) for doing theatre instead of real political debate.  He called them partisan hacks, said they were working for the politicians and corporations, and said that calling what Crossfire does “debate” is like calling “Pro Wrestling” real athletic competition.
Here’s a review from Common Dreams, a non-profit progressive media group.
And here’s the video:



Uncle Sam - I Want You to Stay Ignorant



Outright Censorship

Mythbusters wanted to make an episode about how trackable and hackable RFID chips were.  Everyone would have learned more about the technology that’s invisibly invading our lives.  But Credit Card companies prevented them from airing the episode.  Funny, and chilling.


FOX Reporters Fired for Refusing to Kill Their Story About Monsanto Milk Causing Cancer


The December 5, 2011 issue of TIME Magazine has a different cover in the United States than in Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific.  This is a blatant attempt to limit American discussion of the uprisings taking place in other countries.

USA version of TIME Magazine cover doesn't show revolutions


Censorship of TED Talks containing heretical thoughts not approved by the Board of Directors of TED.

63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Know About ~ by Jesse Ventura


In another offensive display of outright censorship, there was no mainstream media coverage of what should have been the lead news story all across the world, or at least in the 400 cities where protests took place, on the day of the Millions Against Monsanto marches.  But there were no such news stories.  A small grass-roots movement that started on the internet grew into roughly two million strong across 52 different countries, protesting and marching against GMOs and Monsanto.  The only media coverage was by independent and citizen journalists and bloggers.

Mainstream media ignores millions of people who marched against Monsanto


Censorship of Google and YouTube Search Results

Search Engine Manipulation:  Google and YouTube Suppress Controversial 9/11 Truth


Government Orders YouTube to Censor Protest Videos


David Rockefeller Thanks Major Media Outlets for Their Cooperation

And the final entry in the censorship section is this actual quote of David Rockefeller from a speech he gave at a 1991 meeting of the Trilateral Commission, which reveals that top media directors had been attending Trilateral Commission meetings for decades and taking direction about which sorts of stories to censor, bury, or otherwise spin.  The news stories the Trilateral Commission wanted censored related to their plans for a world government led by an intellectual elite and world bankers, to replace “national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”

David Rockefeller Thanks Media for Keeping Cabal Plans Out of the Media Spotlight for 40 Years


Manufacturing War News with Actors and Film Crews

Filming a Fake Protest with Morsy Banners ~ Maybe in Egypt, Maybe Not!


Pallywood ~ Truth in Middle East Hollyland ~ Filming Fake Fight Scenes


CNN Gets Paid to Fake the News Here and Abroad

Jon Stewart Blasts CNN Anchors for Faking Split Screen Satellite Interview…From the Same Parking Lot.  CNN and other news organizations had sent too many of their reporters to Phoenix, Arizona, so when news broke somewhere else, they pretended to cover it live, even though the two reporters were about 6 parking spots away from each other in a parking lot in Phoenix. 


Staged War Correspondent Lies on CNN - Get the Gunfire Ready


CNN International wouldn’t run a piece by Amber Lyon about crushing of protests in Bahrain.  Amber investigated why not, and discovered that CNN has contracts with many foreign governments to produce favorable news stories, and to modify or censor unfavorable ones.  To try and shut her up, CNN threatened Lyon with loss of her health insurance and severance pay.  Amber Lyon proved that CNN is both airing false news and censoring real news.


Here are a short version and a longer version of Amber Lyon’s original reporting on the protests and human rights abuses in Bahrain.  This is the documentary that was aired only once in the United States, and never aired for its intended audience on CNN International.


Amber Lyon ~ Dictators Sponsor CNN


Amber Lyon ~ Former CNN Journalist Exposes MSM Tactics and the Truth About Bahrain


Amber Lyon Interviewed by Joe Rogan on Bahrain Dictatorship and CNN Corruption

CNN Fake Video of Front Line in Libya

CNN Busted Producing Fake News From First Gulf War

CNN Busted with Fake News Against Syria


Ridicule As “Conspiracy Theory” Any Challenges to the Official Story

One of the main techniques used to control popular opinion is ridicule of alternative opinions.  Here is an excellent article on the derision and condemnation which awaits people who are skeptical of official versions of events force-fed to the public via government officials and media broadcasters.
33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True


Control Through Fear Porn

The Cabal Uses Fear to Limit Our Intelligence

Bruce Lipton ~ Fear and Deception



Angela Davis ~ We Really Need to Talk About Liberating Minds As Well As Liberating Society



This Just In - American Not Falling for Bullshit Anymore