Your Straw Man:  The Theft of Your Value as a Living Being

Meet Your Strawman


Did You Know - Your Birth Certificate is Chattel Paper - You Are Registered as a Corporation


Our Birth Certificates Are Traded On the New York Stock Exchange


Jordan Maxwell ~ You Are Property of the Elite Globalist Bankers
Introduction to Civil Law vs. Maritime (UCC) Law, which is based on Roman Canon Law.


History of the Birth Certificate ~ How It Is Used to Enslave Populations
We the people are collateral for the national debt.


The Strawman Illusion ~ The Matrix Exposed
This is a very interesting interview of Thomas Anderson, in 10 parts on YouTube (actually only 9 because part 10 repeats the end of part 9).  He starts out explaining the straw man, and goes on to explain monetization of signatures, how to handle legal situations from the position of a natural human, and ends up veering into the territory of the occult in describing the legal fictions that comprise the Matrix.