Global Peaceful Resistance Starts Sept 15, 2013
United We Strike

First day of Global Boycott of Multi-National Corporations

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Support the Truckers Strike on October 11 – 13 with a “Buy Nothing” Boycott

Support the “Buy Nothing” Strike on Black Friday Weekend After Thanksgiving

The Great Boycott

The title of this page was inspired by a French film, “The Green Beautiful”, which depicts an idyllic post-industrial civilization.  At one point in the movie, the people explain that their archaeology classes include tales of cities, factories, cars, and how the people just decided to stop participating in their own enslavement and the destruction of their planet by boycotting all products of the controlling corporations.  The film shows scenes of abandoned cities, and we are left to imagine what the transition must have involved, with entire ghettos being abandoned and entire suburbs being levelled and rebuilt in ways that better support community and harmony with nature.  All scene shots of their planet show “uncivilized” open green areas with no modern buildings whatsoever, inferring that they must have gone back to the cities only to tear them down and return them to the Earth, abandoning polluting industrial technologies in favor of developing telepathy, teleportation, and other new abilities not requiring large-scale refining or manufacturing facilities.

The people caused the slavery systems to wither and die by abandoning them and creating new communities in which they could live freely and in harmony with their planet.  A utopian ideal, yes, and we need a goal to inspire our dreams, so this is one place to start, and some steps to take along the path to a peaceful planet with no wars, no borders, no poisons in our food, no poisons in our water, no poisons in our air or earth, no poisons in our medicines, no taxes, no currency, no forced labor, no unnecessary rules or regulations….


The Green Beautiful
Inspiration for The Great Boycott


Move Your Money ~ Boycott Privately Owned Banks

Move Your Money Project

Find a Bank or Credit Union

This page lists both banks and credit unions.  I suggest credit unions are best, and hope you will divest from banks completely.  North Dakota has a state-owned bank, and I would trust that institution.  I’m sure there are some other small and well-run local banks.  The goal is to get your money and your energy out of the clutches of the monster multi-national Wall Street banks and stop them making money off of our labor, energy, and value, so much of which they do through deceptive acts and practices.


147 Multi-National Corporations Control Most of this Planet

Forbes:  The 147 Companies That Control Everything

Forbes:  The Four Companies That Own the 147 Companies That Control Everything

NewScientist:  Revealed: The Capitalist Network That Runs the World    This article is based on the original research, and includes an interactive graphic illustration of the connections between corporations.  Try clicking on it and looking around.


Boycott All 147 Multi-National Controlling Corporations

There is now an app that will scan all the barcodes in your shopping cart and tell you what company owns that product manufacturer.  The app is called Buycott.


I don’t know the specific ownership of the multinational corporations in this image, but they are definitely part of the “147 Corporations That Control Everything” and have bought up many of your favorite brands.  Click to see a larger image.

Brand Ownership by Large Corporations b


Boycott the Rothschilds and Rockefellers

Coming soon:  a list of all companies and subsidiaries owned by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, and all of their major products, and suggested alternative products.


Boycott the Koch Brothers

Coming soon:  a list of all companies and subsidiaries owned by the Koch brothers, and all of their major products, and suggested alternative products.

Boycott Koch Paper Products


Boycott Monsanto

There are many companies that use Monsanto products in their products, so by it’s very nature, a boycott of Monsanto products is a boycott of many other companies.   I have several lists which are all slightly different and which I need to work to compile.  In the meantime, here’s one list to start with.  And here’s another one:


Monsanto Do Not Buy List


Boycott Exxon-Mobil

Periodically, people get very upset about gas prices and someone proposes a one-day boycott of all gas stations.  This does not work because people buy the same amount of gas as they always do, and just move their purchases to the day before or the day after the chosen boycott day.

What has been proposed as more effective is to target the largest of the Big Oil companies, Exxon-Mobil, for a permanent boycott, until such time as we can transition to cars that run on other fuels.  To be effective, a certain percentage of the population need to be aware of and commit to the permanent boycott of this largest Big Oil company.  The net result is that their sales will drop enough that they will be forced to lower their prices, and their competition will have to lower their prices to compete.  DO NOT stop the boycott just because Exxon-Mobil lowers their prices a few cents.  Maintain this boycott permanently, and spread the word to your friends and family to do the same.  The larger and larger percentage of people join this boycott, the lower Exxon-Mobil must lower their prices, and the lower prices will fall for the gas companies you are still purchasing from.  I have been boycotting Exxon-Mobil since the first time this was proposed, over 15 years now!


Boycott Walmart

Walmart:  The High Cost of Low Prices


Boycott ICLEI Business Partners

Boycott Procura


Boycott the Grocery Manufacturers Association

Boycott White Wave - Silk - Horizon - Land o Lakes

Boycott White Wave Foods

WhiteWave Foods uses some of the profits it earns by selling you its #organic and non-GMO products, to support one of the #GMO labeling movement’s fiercest enemies:  The Grocery Manufacturers Association (#GMA).  The GMA is spending $7.2 million (so far) in Washington State to defeat I-522, a citizens’ initiative that would mandate labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in foods sold in grocery stores.It’s time to take action!  First, go to White Wave’s Facebook page
and post:
“Dear White Wave,
I cannot in good conscience purchase your products with the knowledge that some of that money will be funneled through the GMA and used to defeat I-522.  I am calling on you today to protest the GMA’s financial support of anti-labeling campaigns by withdrawing from the trade group, and to show your support for our right to know by making a financial contribution to the Yes on 522“Second, take action by sending an email to White Wave:


Buy Organic Food

The best place to get Organic food is your local Farmer’s Market.  Here’s a website to help find farmer’s markets near you.

This page will help you find farms that sell direct to consumers.

Organic Consumer’s Association maintains a list of Food Co-Ops and Natural Food Stores.

This website also lists co-operatively owned health food stores and buying clubs. maintains yet another list of food co-ops and health food stores.

This website lists organic food stores, and also has categories for vegan, kosher, and gluten-free.



Buy Organic Body Care Products and Household Cleaning Products

Environmental Working Group does its own laboratory testing of consumer products and publishes several shopping guides.  Please support their work!



Boycott Nestle, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, etc.

Nestle CEO - Water is not a right

In general, these large corporations are buying up water from small communities, maybe filtering it well and maybe not so well, and in some cases adding fluoride.  You will get much higher quality water if you purchase and install a good water filter system in your kitchen, or locate an independent water filtration store.

In most areas, it is bad for your health to drink the tap water.  Look up your local water quality reports and find out what sorts of contaminants are common in your area.  Also determine whether your community adds fluoride to the water.  If fluoride is added, purchase a water filter that removes fluoride.

There are now water stores opening up all over that offer super-filtration of water.  You purchase re-usable water containers and bring them back for refills every week or two or three (depending on how many containers you have room to store).  These filtration systems are generally much more effective than home filtration systems, unless you have a whole-house filtration system and an additional drinking water filtration system in your kitchen.  I recommend purchasing stackable containers rather then 5-gallon bottles.

If you’re looking for a business to start, and your community doesn’t have one of these water stores, it’s a great business for areas with lots of older apartment buildings that don’t have room for counter-top water filters, and in which landlords don’t want people installing under-sink filter systems.


Ditch the Cancer-Causing Sunscreens

Most sunscreens contain toxic ingredients that are carcinogenic.  And on top of that, most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, and actually need much more sunshine than we are getting, and lack of Vitamin D can cause cancer.

There are many natural products that provide sun protection.  One is pure jojoba oil, which has an SPF of about 7.  It is non-comedogenic, so can be put on your face without causing acne breakouts (for most people).


Kill Your TV

Most television programming is controlled by the cabal, and I consider it a form of mental hygiene to limit exposure to fear porn, opinion engineering, and energy harvesting.  There are so many hours in your day suddenly available for more meaningful and rewarding activities when you stop watching television.


Top 10 Ways to Occupy Wall St on Your Own Turf


A Roy - Corporations Will Collapse if We Refuse to Buy What Theyre Selling