Tesla - If JP Morgan Hadnt Hid My Research You Would Have Free Energy By Now


The Technology Existed 100 Years Ago to End Use of Fossil Fuels

The only reason we are still running cars on gasoline is that the Big Oil companies want to keep raking in money every time we fill up our gas tanks.

Tesla Discovered How To Harness Zero-Point Free Energy

Broadcast Power

More on Nikola Tesla

J P Morgan Closed Down Tesla’s Tower at Wardenclyffe

The story goes that when JP Morgan found out that there would not be a meter by which to charge people for the energy they used, he cancelled funding for the project.


How Tesla Was Erased From Science Textbooks

Mark Passio Speaks at the Tesla Memorial Conference ~ January 11, 2014
He clearly explains why Free Energy will not be generally available until people free their minds and end slavery systems which are suppressing Free Energy in order to control people.


Documentaries on Zero Point Energy

The Truth Behind the Energy Lie
(What the Energy Cartels Don’t Want You to See)


The Energy Cartels Don’t Want You to Watch This Film
(Sequel to “The Truth Behind the Energy Lie”)


“It Runs On Water” ~ 1995 Documentary on Zero Point Energy aka Free Energy
This documentary touches on Tesla and covers three different inventions:
~ The Jim Griggs Hydrosonic Pump
~ The Stan Meyers Water Car
~ The James Patterson Heat-Generating Cell
Hal Putoff, frequently quoted in the documentary, has been identified as a CIA disinformation agent trying to discredit zero point energy inventions.


New Technologies Discussion and Development Group

Skype Discussion Group


Resources for Researching Free Energy

Top Secret Projects ~ Free Energy

Tesla Science Foundation


People Who Harnessed Zero Point Energy

Tracing down the work of these scientists, researchers, and inventors is another key to furthering research in the area of Zero Point Energy or Free Energy.

Johann Bessler

Nikola Tesla

Alexander V. Chernetskii

Self-Generating Discharge Plasmatron

Victor Schauberger

Marco Rodin

Stanley Meyers

Stanley Meyers withheld key pieces of information from his patent applications because he didn’t want his ideas stolen from him.  People all over the world are working to refine reproduction of his invention.

Jim Griggs

James Patterson

Daniel Dingell

John Kanzius

Stirling Engine runs on salt water

Paul Pantone

Denny Klein

(water as fuel source)

Sean McCarthy


Mehran T. Keshe

Keshe Foundation