Digging deeper, it turns out Ebola was probably created in US military biowarefare laboratories in Africa, near where the first outbreaks were reported.

Jon Rappoport ~ Is it Ebola or Is It Psychological Warfare?

Jon Rappoport ~ Ebola:  The Covert Op of Modern Medicine

Jon Rappoport ~ EbolaGate

Exopolitics ~ EbolaGate

Ebo-Lie:  Man Living in Ghana Confirms Ebola Is a Hoax
We have testimony coming directly from Nana Kwame in Ghana telling us that the ebola outbreak is being created by Red Cross vaccinations. He also details the ulterior motives behind this psy-op, including getting troops on the ground to access Nigerian oil, to force striking diamond miners in Sierra Leone back to the mines, and more.


Ebola Crisis Hoax Confirmed!  CNN and NYT Caught Red-Handed!!!
At the 5:17 timestamp we see the crisis actor with a wad of cash in his hand.


If It’s So Real, Why The Massive ‘Ebola Is Real’ Propaganda Campaign?




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