This month there were several huge news releases related to Free Energy Technology.

The Quantum Energy Generator is under development by Hopegirl’s Fix The World Project.  Schematics and blueprints will be released under Open Source patents, and training to build the generators in small-scale cottage industry workshops will be offered around the world, as fast as can be organized.
Quantum Energy Generator Revealed!!!

HopeGirl Speaking for Fix The World Project about the QEG


Quantum Energy Generator System Description and Schematics

Quantum Energy Generator New Paradigm Distribution Guidelines

HopeGirl’s Blog ~ QEG Documents, Open Sourced
MISSION I’M POSSIBLE with HopeGirl, Ralph and Marsha Ring, Vossa, and 3D Printing Network


Ralph and Marsha Ring ~ Antigravity and Conscious Awareness in Aether Technology





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